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PowerMILL is a 3D CAM (Computer-aided manufacturing) solution that runs on Microsoft Windows for the programming of tool paths for 2 to 5 axis CNC(Computer Numerical Control) Milling machines developed by DELCAM Plc. The software is used in a range of different engineering industries to determine optimal tool paths to reduce time and manufacturing costs as well as reduce tool loads and produce smooth surface finishes. Many organisations use PowerMILL worldwide for 2,3 and 5-axis machining.

Now PowerMill is undertaken by Autodesk. First of all you have to import the machining model into the graphics window. Then define the Workplane for the X , Y, Z co-ordinate. Then define the raw material block size. Then define the tool size and shape. Then Create toolpaths by clicking on Strategy selection form and filling the form for different values. Simulate the Toolpaths for the gaouse and collision check. Use boundaries, Patterns, featuresets, levels and sets before defining the toolpaths. Create the NC Programs for the different Toopaths. Use suitable Machine Option file for the NC program. Edit the NC program manually for initial few lines and last few lines. Add % sign at the begining and at the end of the program. send the program to the machine via DNC server.


PowerMill is a powerful computer-controlled machine (CAM) software developed by Delcam, now supported by Autodesk. This software is specially designed for the development of advanced five-axis cryogenic machines and high speed machines. This software is the most advanced and complete software company for machining complex and hard components and is fully optimized for five-axis cassette devices and high-speed devices.
The main application of this software is the production of sharp and sensitive parts such as die casting molding and Diecast. This application using the latest and most advanced technology and high-speed five-axis machining engineers or Mac that produce the most accurate parts. With the help of this software, you can optimize the tool path and improve the surface quality of the components. The software is also available for two-and-a-half-minute machining and milling.

Key features of Autodesk PowerMill Ultimate software:
– The most powerful cyan programming software
– The most sophisticated and most sophisticated industrial components
– Optimized for maximum productivity and production rates
– Advanced programming of five-axis cryogenic machines and high speed
– Optimized for high-speed turning
– Optimization of tool path and two-and-a-half
-minute machining support – Milling process planning
– High compatibility with other Autodesk software

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