What is Mechanic – Definition , Duties, Job Description

What is Mechanic – Definition , Duties, Job Description

Mechanic Definition 

Mechanic is Defined as ,

  • A skilled worker who repairs and maintains vehicle engines and other machinery.  e.g. a car mechanic
  • a craftsman skilled in operating machine tools
  • someone whose occupation is repairing and maintaining automobiles
  • A mechanic is a tradesman, craftsman, or technician who uses tools to build or repair machinery.

Meaning Of Mechanics :

A mechanic is a person who builds or repairs engines or other machines. Mechanics are trained to use special tools and often work in shops or garages. If you are planning to be a mechanic, you have to be prepared to get your hands dirty.

The most common type of mechanic works on vehicles like cars, motorcycles, tractors, or airplanes. If your car is making a strange noise, you should probably take it to a mechanic. The oldest meaning of this word was simply “laborer,” or “person who works with his hands,” from the Greek root mekhanikos, “engineer.” The current sense of mechanic came into use along with the popularity of the automobile.

aircraft Mechanic
aircraft Mechanic

What do Mechanic do  , Duties Of Mechanics 

  • Most mechanics specialize in a particular field, such as auto mechanics, truck mechanic, bicycle mechanics, motorcycle mechanics, boiler mechanics, general mechanics, industrial maintenance mechanics (millwrights), air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics, bus mechanics, aircraft mechanics, diesel mechanics, and tank mechanics in the armed services.
  • Auto mechanics, for example, have many trades within. Some may specialize in the electrical aspects, while others may specialize in the mechanical aspects.
  • Other areas include: brakes and steering, suspension, automatic or manual transmission, engine repairs, or diagnosing customer complaints. An automotive technician, on the other hand, has a wide variety of topics to learn. A mechanic is typically certified by a trade association or regional government power.
  • Mechanics may be separated into two classes based on the type of machines they work on, heavyweight and lightweight. Heavyweight work is on larger machines or heavy equipment, such as tractors and trailers, while lightweight work is on smaller items, such as automotive engines.

What are the education requirements to be a mechanic?
A high school diploma or GED is necessary for most auto technician positions. For these entry-level positions training may be required. Some employers offer on-site training or apprenticeships, but many will want you to have successfully completed a vocational program before they hire you. These programs will provide you a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on practice so you can learn to fix any problem that comes your way.

Career paths for mechanics
Typically a hard-working mechanic will be promoted to team leader or a manager position after a few years on the job. Most auto mechanic managers are grouped together into a geographic region which is led by a district manager. An ambitious and successful mechanic may be able to move into this high-level management role after working as a team leader.

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