List of Job Sites – Best online job sites For Mechanical Engineers

List of Job Sites – Best online job sites For Mechanical Engineers

This is a list of notable employment websites. An employment website is a web site dealing specifically with employment or careers.

There are various ways to find a job –

A. Job Portals – You will need to create a profile and keep updating your profile on a regular basis.

1.Naukri – Jobs – Recruitment – Job Search – Employment – Job Vacancies –

2. Monster – Jobs in India, Career Jobs, Fresher Jobs & VacanciesOpens in a new tab.

3. Timesjob – Jobs in India | Recruitment | Employment | Job Vacancies & OpeningsOpens in a new tab.

B. Recruitment Agencies – You might have to register (Free) and check for openings that match your profile. When it does, submit your resume. These agencies will be paid by the MNC’s for which these people hire for. They will ask for any kind of fees.

There are good consultancies in Bangalore. Here is the list, that I am aware of.

1. Careernet – Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Process Outsourcing RPO IndiaOpens in a new tab.

2. Cocubes – Connecting . Colleges . CompaniesOpens in a new tab.

3. Merrin Associates – Services OfferedOpens in a new tab.

4. ObjectWin Page on objectwin.comOpens in a new tab.

5. Skillrecruit – skillrecruit.comOpens in a new tab.IT Jobs | Engineering Jobs | IT Recruitment Agency | Engineering Recruitment Agency | SkillRecruitOpens in a new tab.

I have known all of them and interacted with them. So, I can easily say all these are genuine. Please remember none of genuine consultancies ask for money/DD from the candidate. If they do, stay awake from them. So, be aware of frauds.

3. LinkedIn – Most global MNCs recently have started picking profiles from LinkedIn. So have a clean profile with correct set of information that will endorse your skills.

4. Employer websites – Submitting your resumes to companies directly on their websites.

And if you ask which out of the above is the most helpful, then,

In my opinion –

Job Portals >= Recruitment Agencies > LinkedIn > Employer Websites

I would say Job Portals and Recruitment Agencies would work hand-in-hand because, Recruitment Agencies will find profiles on Job Portals, though they may maintain their own database.

Most MNCs today don’t hire employees directly themselves, they will outsource the job of finding a fitting candidate to an agency.

And even if the organisation tries to find the person, they would look into Job Portals. Hence, Job Portals and Recruitment Agencies are the most reliable sources for a probable employment.

As of today, from my observation, top tier One MNC’s operate mostly on LinkedIn. They post their openings on the social platform and hence try to hire employees here.

jobs websites list
jobs websites list

List of Job Sites

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