What is Maintenance | Definition , jobs , Principle , Purpose

What is Maintenance | Definition , jobs , Principle , Purpose

Definition of Maintenance

Maintenance is the routine and recurring process of keeping a particular machine or asset in its normal operating conditions.So that it can deliver the expected performance or service without any loss or damage. Or

Maintenance is defined as

  • All actions necessary for retaining an item, or restoring to it, a serviceable condition, include servicing, repair, modification, overhaul, inspection and condition verification
  • Increase availability of a system
  • Keep system’s equipment in working order

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Purpose of Maintenance

  • Attempt to maximize performance of production equipment efficiently and regularly
  • Prevent breakdown or failures
  • Minimize production loss from failures
  • Increase reliability of the operating systems

Principle Objectives in Maintenance

  • To achieve product quality and customer satisfaction through adjusted and serviced equipment
  • Maximize useful life of equipment
  • Keep equipment safe and prevent safety hazards
  • Minimize frequency and severity of interruptions
  • Maximize production capacity – through high utilization of facility
Maintenance Engineering objectives
Maintenance Engineering objectives

Maintenance Manager

If you choose to take an entry-level position in order to become a facilities maintenance manager, you can expect to spend several years working maintenance positions as you learn the skills necessary to become a manager.

Larger employers with greater maintenance needs generally look for a facilities maintenance manager who can perform these tasks when needed, but is more focused on managing an in-house staff responsible for the majority of the actual work.

Maintenance Engineering Jobs

Typically, maintenance engineers need to possess knowledge of the principles of building or mechanical engineering. Maintenance engineer jobs generally require the person to maintain the plant or manage a crew who maintains it.

They also set schedules, hand out paychecks, assign job duties, and monitor daily progress. Most construction engineering jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or project management.

Problems in Maintenance

  • Lack of management attention to maintenance
  • Little participation by accounting in analyzing and reporting costs
  • Difficulties in applying quantitative analysis
  • Difficulties in obtaining time and cost estimates for maintenance works
  • Difficulties in measuring performance

Problems Exist Due To:

  • Failure to develop written objectives and policy
  • Inadequate budgetary control
  • Inadequate control procedures for work order, service requests etc.
  • Infrequent use of standards
  • To control maintenance work
  • Absence of cost reports to aid maintenance planning and control system

Maintenance Costs

  • Cost to replace or repair
  • Losses of output
  • Delayed shipment
  • Scrap and rework

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