What is Hyperworks – How it is used in CAE Application

What is Hyperworks – How it is used in CAE Application

What is HyperWorks ?

Hyperworks – Hyperworks is a complete CAE software made by Altair engineering. It consists all the modules of CAE i.e. modelling, meshing, solver. It is a complete package of finite element procedure. Preprocessing, Solving and Postprocessing can be done using Hyperworks. Here are the products offered under Hyperworks.

The principal product offerings from Altair’s Commercial Software division is its HyperWorks line of software, including:

  • OptiStruct – Structural Analysis Solver (linear and non-linear); solution for structural design and optimization
  • RADIOSS – Structural Analysis Solver (highly non-linear problems under dynamic loadings); an industry standard for automotive crash and impact analysis
  • MotionView – Solver-neutral Multi-body Pre-processor
  • MotionSolve – Multi-body Solver; an integrated solution to analyze and optimize multi-body system performance
  • HyperXtrude – Metal & Polymer Extrusion Solver; an advanced solver for manufacturing process simulations and validations
  • HyperForm – Metal Forming Solver
  • HyperMesh, HyperCrash, Simlab, HyperView, HyperGraph – CAE Pre & Post Processing
  • HyperStudy Design of Experiments and Multi-disciplinary Design Optimization
  • HyperMath – Mathematical Analysis Environment
  • AcuSolve – General-purpose Finite Element Based CFD Solver
  • FEKO – 3D Electromagnetic Solver

Hyperworks is complete package solutions of CAE offered by ALTAIR Engineering. The package includes pre-processor,post processor, solver. Hyperworks package includes softwares like

  • Hypermesh
  • hyperview
  • hypergraph
  • hyperextrude
  • hyperform
  • optistruct
  • radioss
  • feko
  • simlab
  • motion solve/motion view -MBD
  • hyperweld

The above all software’s is a complete package which is called as hyperworks suite.

what is hypermesh

What is the use of HyperMesh ?

Hypermesh is a CAE software which comes in after a model has been developed in any CAD software. One should know it is an integral part of PLM (Product life cycle management) where the focus is to prepare the model to see how should it behave in a real life environment or simulation in other words. Now cae software’s are three types mainly preprocessing, solving, postprocessing. Hypermesh is a preprocessing software where you divide the model into no. Of elements and nodes for a solver to apply the mathematical functions on it. If you read FEM OR FEA you would know the underlying theory behind the practice. Preproceesing is generally used to ‘mesh’ the model. See the image below an example of a gear being meshed. The green coloured elements are the region where contact has been defined which means it is in contact with other components for a solver to know about the simulation.

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  1. Please I will like to know how to get the hyperwork software.I am an engineering student and for some time now I have been looking for ways to integrate my 3d model to calculation software, i think hyperwork is just the best from description how can one get it?
    It the software free?

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