What Is Difference Between B.E and B.TECH- Which degree is better: B.E or B.Tech?

What Is Difference Between B.E and B.TECH- Which degree is better: B.E or B.Tech?

A common query among students planning to do their graduation in engineering is Btech or BE ? The difference between the two, which is better etc.,?
Most of you will find rather unconvincing answers from your fellow peers, because just like you, even they have limited knowledge on this.
To understand this better, let us see how these degrees came in to existence.

What Is Difference Between B.E and B.TECH
What Is Difference Between B.E and B.TECH
In India we have two types of universities, one that offers degrees in many fields like Sciences, Arts and Engineering too, and the second set of universities (were named as institutes) offer only degrees in engineering. Universities those offer other degrees along with engineering named their engineering degree as BE (Bachelor of Engineering) and Institute constituted for only Engineering studies named their degree as B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology)
Bachelor of Engineering (B.E)
The minimum qualification needed by one to opt for this program is a pass in class 10+2. They will then have to attend for the national or state level entrance exam as to get admittance into any college that offers this course. The B.E. program concentrates more on the theoretical knowledge that is applied to develop innovative equipment and useful technical gadgets in Science and Technology. This program is pursued by many and the degree thus obtained can be of use anywhere. As mentioned earlier, the program has a time period of 4 years. Students must do a project in their concluding year.
Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech)
The Bachelor of Technology is a graduate level program that is offered by the majority of universities all over the world. To join this course, aspirants must attend the state level or national level Engineering Entrance Exam. They will be given admittance on the basis of their scores obtained in the admission test. The B Tech course is more of a practical oriented program. This means that this course applies the principles of engineering and technology to modify structures and thereby enhance their quality. This is done by the application of the latest technology available.
A course in Bachelor of Engineering (BE) deals more at the engineering aspects of science while a course in Bachelor of Technology deals with the technology aspects. This may sound naive, but that is the level of difference between the two course- understanding what Engineering and Technology stand for.
  1. Engineering is a branch of science which deals more at an academic level. Engineering involves understanding the theoretical concepts and trying to improve on theoretical and scientific principles which are already in existence.
  2.  A Technology course however looks at the practical aspects of the engineering, that is, to apply the engineering concepts on a daily basis. 
  3. You can think of the difference between the two as this – An engineering is like an scientist who works on the concepts in the lab, whereas a technologist not only works in the lab but also looks to transform this concept into a practically viable option.
  4.  An engineer is the one who invents, a technologist is the one who innovates. A technologist may develop a new technology, but a technologist works at constantly improving upon that technology to make it more self-sustainable.
Both the courses need considerable command over arithmetical as well as basic science concepts. However, a technologist also has to bring into consideration of the economic stand-points and the other hazards of what would happen if it were in general practical use. The work of technologists is focused more on product development, improvement, manufacturing, construction, and engineering operational functions. Basically engineer is a scientist, whereas a technologist is an entrepreneur.
Difference Between BE and B.Tech Courses
  1. BE is Bachelor of Engineering is considered as Engineer and BTech is Bachelor of Technology considered as Technician.
  2. BE is more related to theoretical knowledge of engineering subjects while BTech emphasize more on practical and application oriented training.
  3. Now a days most of engineering institutes who used to provide BE Degree are providing BTech Degree with almost same syllabus and curriculum. So it hardly matters if you are pursuing BE or BTech, only the ranking and reputation of institute providing these degree matters.
B.Tech is offered by government institutes and B.E. is offered by private institutes.
There is absolutely no truth in this. Institutes like Netaji Subash Institute of Technology, University of Mumbai (Department of Chemical Technology) which are government institutes offer a BE degree and there are many private institutes that offer a B.Tech degree
No industrial training in BE or B.Tech
In both, BE and B.Tech, industrial training is compulsory after semester 6.
B.Tech or BE is valued more than the other
Your performance and to a lesser extent your college is what matters. Neither is preferred over the other.

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