Welding Inspector Interview question and Answers

Welding Inspector Interview Question and Answers

1. Duties of Welding Inspector?

I. Pre Heating (Method & Control)
II. In Process Distortion Control
III. Consumable Control
IV. Welding Process
V. Welding Run Sequence and Interpass Temperatures
VI. Min / Max Interpass Temperatures
VII. Full Compliance with all Elements given on the WPS


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2. Duties of Welding Inspector after Welding?

i) Visual Inspection
ii) N D T
iii) Repairs
iv) Repair Procedure (NDT / Welding)

3. What is the Profile Imperfection?

i) Spatter
ii) In Completely filled Groove
iii) Lack of Root Fusion
iv) Incomplete Root Penetration
v) Shrinkage Grooves
vi) Root Concaring
vii) Crater Pipe
viii) Excess Penetration
ix) Burn Through

4. Major things of Welding Procedure?

a. Pipe Dia & Thickness
b. Welding Position
c. Process
d. Material Group
e. Consumable
f. Heat Input Range (Kg / mm)
g. Pre Heat & PWHT

welding inspector
welding inspector

5. Explain E 8018

E – Electrode
80 – Tensile Strength
1 –for all Position
8 – Coating

6. Inspection of Before Welding?

1. Application Std
2. WPS
3. Welder Qualification
4. Material Composition
5. Condition of Material
6. Types of Edge Preparation
7. Consumables
8. Welding Process.

7. What is the True Welding Inspector Certifications Covered in AWS QC -1?


8. The Welding Inspector should have a basic understanding of

Welding Process
Non Destructive Testing Methods
Code and Standards

9. What is the NDT Method?

VT = Visual Testing
AET = Acoustic Emission Testing
TIR = Thermal Infrased Real Testing
NRT = Neutron Radiographic Testing
ET= Eddy Current Testing
LT = Leak Testing
V.A.T. = Vibration Analysis Testing
RT = Radiographic Testing
UT = Ultrasonic Testing
PT = Penetrant Testing
MT = Magnetic Particle Testing

10. Types of Penetrameter

b.) Hole type – DIN
c.) Wire type – ASTM

11. Types of Radiographic Technique

a.) SWSI
1.) Unidirectional
2.) Penarmic
b.) DWSI
c.) DWDI

12. Prior to Staring a Job Assignment, the Welding Inspector should determine:

(i) What code standard, or Specification applies?
(ii) What Inspections should be conducted?
(iii) When Inspection should be
(iv) Where Records are maintained

13. The Welding Inspector is exposed to which of the following Safety Hazards:

(i) Radiation, (ii) Jalling Objects (iii) Electrical Shock, (iv) Eye Hazards

14. A document which covers safety in welding and cutting is:

15. NDE Personnel (other than CWI) should be certified to what document:

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