TCS Technical,Management, HR Frequently Asked Interview Questions

TCS Technical,Management, HR Frequently Asked Interview Questions

TCS interview questions

I have been through 3 rounds, i. e. TR, MR, HR. Questions asked during the 3 rounds are as:

TR(Technical Round):

1)  About yourself.
2)  Asked explanation about S.E., T.E., and B.E. project.
3)  As B.E. project is sponsor project, we were still in requirement stage, so asked only to explain the tools and technology we will be using.
4)  Some questions related to the projects, like diagrams, languages used, etc.
5) Asked to write database connectivity using java statements, asked to write any simple query and explanation of its execution.
6)  Asked about Software development lifecycle.
7) Different models(i.e 5 models) used for software development, comparison between those models like advantages, disadvantages with respect to other models.
8)  Comparison between file system and database system.
9)  Different databases available.
10) Different OOPs concepts.
11) As I am technical lead of google
student club, asked me what is my work in that club as a lead.

MR(Management Round):

1)   About yourself.
2)   Puzzle: 10 coins, move 3 coins out of it and create mirror image of the same.
3)  Puzzle: monkey climbs up 5m in 1 minute, and slides down 2m in next 1 min, then what will be the time taken by monkey to reach 100m(at the top).
4)  Write java class and explain its working, object similarity.
5)  Questions related to function overloading and overriding.
6)  What is composite database.
7)  T.E. project diagram and explain.
8)  Project related issues.
9)  A situation related to project.
10) Why should we hire you.
11) What is composite indexing?
12) Patients checking questions.
13) Strength and weakness.

HR:( Human Resource)

1)   About yourself.
2)   Qualities other than mentioned in resume.
3)   Strength and weakness.
4)   About TCS.
5)   Why TCS?
6)   Introduce yourself in tamil(as written in my resume that I know tamil).
7)   Asked ready to work wherever placed.
8)   Accept tcs tems and conditions?

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