Taper turning by using taper turning attachment | Advantages

Taper turning by using taper turning attachment | Advantages

Fig.  schematically shows a taper turning attachment. It consists of a bracket or frame which is attached to the rear end of the lathe bed and supports a guide bar pivoted at the centre. The guide bar having graduations in degrees may be swiveled on either side of the zero graduation and is set at the desired angle with the lathe axis. When this attachment is used the cross slide is delinked from the saddle by removing the binder screw. The rear end of the cross slide is then tightened with the guide block by means of a bolt. When the longitudinal feed is engaged, the tool mounted on the cross slide will follow the angular path, as the guide block will slide on the guide bar set at an angle to the lathe axis.
The required depth of cut is given by the compound slide which is placed at right angles to the lathe axis. The guide bar must be set at half taper angle and the taper on the work must be converted in degrees. The maximum angle through which the guide bar may be swiveled is 100 to 120 on either side of the centre line. The angle of swiveling the guide bar can be determined from the equation .

The angle is determined by using the formula, tanα = ( D-d) /l

Where , 

D – Large diameter of the taper.
d – Small diameter of the taper.
l – Length of tapered part.
α – Half angle of taper.

taper turning attachment diagram
taper turning attachment diagram

The advantages of using a taper turning attachment are:

  1. The alignment of live and dead centres being not disturbed; both straight and taper turning may be performed on a work piece in one setting without much loss of time.
  2. Once the taper is set, any length of work piece may be turned taper within its limit.
  3. Very steep taper on a long work piece may be turned, which cannot be done by any other method.
  4. Accurate taper on a large number of work pieces may be turned.
  5. Internal tapers can be turned with ease.

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