Milling Attachment / Fixture For Lathe Machine Mechanical Project

The milling machine lathe attachment is attachable to an existing milling machine so as to eliminate the need for an operator owning both a milling machine and a lathe. It is designed to be mounted to the side of the milling machine and to be used without disturbing a setup in the associated vise. The attachment is also designed to be mounted to the front of a milling machine and allows the programming of the very point of single point tool contact so as to follow whatever contour or steps are desired. This type of cutting is not possible on a lathe with guaranteed accuracy, while on a milling machine it is quite feasible.
A new and improved milling machine attachment which facilitates the use of said milling machine as a lathe, said attachment including:
-mounting means for facilitating an attachment to said milling machine;
-lathe means attached to said mounting means; and power supply means for driving said lathe means;
In recent years, new fabrication techniques have been developed to satisfy the technological demands. Moreover, emphasis is tressed on attachments. Attachments are used in various fields and machines depending upon the needs to be fulfilled and mode of operation. An attachment eliminates the purchasing of a new unit which serves the same purpose. For example, a lathe occupies a place opposite to that of a milling machine, the ten machines mainly used to produce cylindrical and plain surfaces respectively. By implementing an attachment to a unit, the capacity of the unit can be increased which is very economical.
Diagram Of Milling machine attachment for lathe machine
Milling Attachment / Fixture For Lathe Machine Mechanical Project
  1. The unit is compact in size.
  2. Less maintenance is essential
  3. The unit gives long life with proper alignment of gears.
  4. Jobs can be easily handled in this unit.
  1. Desired milling cutting can be easily turned.
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