Seminar on Quasi Turbine Engine Report PDF Download 

Seminar on Quasi Turbine Engine Report PDF Download 


The Saint – Hilaire family first patented the Quasiturbine combustion engine in 1996. The Quasiturbine concept resulted from research that began with an intense evaluation of all engine concepts to note advantageous, disadvantageous and opportunities for improvement. During this exploratory process, the Saint – Hilaire team came to realize that a unique engine solution would be one that made improvements to the standard Wankel or rotary engine. Like rotary engines, the Quasiturbine engine is based on a rotorand- housing design. But instead of three blades, the Quasiturbine rotor has four elements chained together, with combustion chambers located between each element and the walls of the housing.

The main Components of this engine is described below.

The housing (stator), which is a near oval known as the “Saint-Hilaire skating rink,” forms the cavity in which the rotor rotates. The housing contains four ports:

  • A port where the spark plugs normally sits.
  • A port that is closed with a removable plug.
  • A port for the intake of air.
  • An exhaust port used to release the waste gases of combustion.

The housing is enclosed on each side by two covers. The covers have three ports of their own, allowing for maximum flexibility in how the engine is configured. For example, one port can serve as an intake from a conventional carburetor or be fitted with a gas or diesel injector, while another can serve as an alternate location for a spark plug. One of  the three ports is a large outlet for exhaust gasses.


Advantageous and Disadvantageous


1. Simplicity and small size.
2. Zero vibration because the engine is perfectly balanced.
3. Faster acceleration without a flywheel.
4. Higher torque at lower rpm.
5. Nearly oil free operation.
6. Less Noise
7. Complete flexibility to operate completely submerged or in any orientation even upside down.
8. Fewer moving parts for less wear and tear.
9. It increases the fuel efficiency.
10.It can run on different kinds of fuel.


  • The design of Quasiturbine engine is typically built of aluminium and cast iron, which expand and contract by different degrees when
    exposed to heat leading to some incidence of leakage.
  • The Quasiturbine engine is still in its infancy. The engine is not used in any real world application. It is still in its prototype phase.


In the future, however, you will likely see the Quasiturbine used in more than just your car. Because the central engine area is voluminous
and requires no central shaft, it can accommodate generators, propellers and other output devices, making it an ideal engine to power chain saws, powered parachutes, snowmobiles, air compressors, ship propulsion systems and electric power plants .


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