Project On Reverse Braking System Report Download

Project On Reverse Braking System Report Download


Braking is nothing but bringing a moving vehicle or moving body to a stop. Now-a-days safety is become important aspects of automobile industries. And automation is the key which keep the safety at our fingers. In other words, an unskilled or less exampled can handle the automobile vehicle with greater safety. Various accidents happen with the automobile vehicles which cause serious injury, and inefficient braking is most probable reason. It is incontestable, statistically proved fact, that year on year incidents involving a reversing vehicle account for between 20-30% of all reported work related serious injuries or fatalities.

While parking or taking reverse turn, driver unable to see what is behind the vehicle and obviously up to what distance, eventually vehicle strike with the obstacle behind. Presently, cars have the alarm system where when the car gets too close to an object an alarm is triggered which warns the driver about an object close by. But this feature has produced lot of problems and is prone to human error. We have enhanced the facility by using the same system but we have altered it so that the car brakes automatically when an obstacle is close by. This report introduces a control systems based on electronically controlled automotive braking system is called “Intelligent Reverse Braking System”.

A Sensor Operated Pneumatic Brake consists of IR transmitter and Receiver circuit, Control Unit, Pneumatic breaking system. The IR sensor is used to detect the obstacle. If there is any obstacle in the path, the IR sensor senses the obstacle and giving the control signal to the breaking system. The pneumatic breaking system is used to brake the system. So basically here the car brakes on its own by determining the distance from the object.


An intelligent reverse braking system is compiled with IR sensor circuit which operates a pneumatic braking system. The main target for this project is cars can run reverse automatic braking due to obstacles when the sensor senses the obstacles. The braking circuit function is to brake the car automatically after received signal from the sensor. This mainly concern in replacement of human effort by the mechanical braking. So it is the best safety feature for the vehicles.

The pneumatically braking system stops the vehicle in 2 to 3 seconds when running speed is of 50 kmph and the distance of stopping the vehicle is 1.6m. The Intelligent braking system is fully automated. To allow the driver to park the vehicle in tight place, it has parking mode system. In this mode sensor sensing length is reduced to 40 cm distance.


The pneumatic bearing press consists of the following components to fulfill the requirements of complete operation of the machine.

Project On Reverse Braking System Report Download
Project On Reverse Braking System Report Download

Ultrasonic ranging and detecting devices make use of high-frequency sound waves to detect the presence of an object and its range. An ultrasonic sensor typically utilizes a transducer that produces an electrical output pulse in response to the received ultrasonic energy.

The above block diagram shows the main components of reverse braking system. There are two types of power supply are required viz. electric supply for the operation of control unit and IR sensor, and the air power supply to operate the pneumatic brake. IR sensor consists of IR transmitter and IR receiver. IR transmitter transmits ultrasonic waves continuously. When car gets too close to an obstacle, the ultrasonic waves reflect back which was then receive by the IR receiver. After receiving the reflected signal, it gives the impulse to the control unit. This control unit make ON the solenoid valve. These complete processes are electronic based which required electric supply.


  • For automobile application
  • Industrial application


  • Brake cost will be less.
  • Free from wear adjustment.
  • Less power consumption
  • Less skill technicians is sufficient to operate.
  • It gives simplified very operation.
  • Installation is simplified very much.
  • To avoid other burnable interactions viz.… (Diaphragm) is not used.
  • Less time and more profit.


This project work has provided us an excellent opportunity and experience, to use our limited knowledge. We gained a lot of practical knowledge regarding, planning, purchasing, assembling and machining while doing this project work. We feel that the project work is a good solution to bridge the gates between institution and industries.

We are proud that we have completed the work with the limited time successfully. The sensor operated pneumatic brake is working with satisfactory conditions. We are able to understand the difficulties in maintaining the tolerances and also quality. We have done to our ability and skill making maximum use of available facilities.


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