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Precision tooling Industry – Summer Industrial Training report Download


Ray-Hans Precision Tools Private Limited

Ray-hans Precision Tools Private Limited is a tooling solution provider located in Special Economic Zone at Cochin, India, having around 250 employees. Make use world class equipments and machinery imported from leading manufactures in Germany, Japan, Swiss and USA. Ray-hans provides end to end solutions for tool and mould industry starting from design to component production. And capable of supplying precision tooling of International standards to Electronics, Automotive, Electrical and IT sectors. Customer base includes TE
connectivity, DELPHI Connection Systems, NPOL and Yazaki.

Specialized in:
Designing of Injection Moulds.
Manufacturing of Injection Moulds, Press tools and Fixtures
Manufacturing of Precision Machined Spares
Production of Molded Components

Capabilities and Capacities:
Methods, Machineries and Accessories used for various machining process allows to produce complex profiles and shapes required for precision tooling industry at an accuracy level of 2 to 5 microns. In order to achieve quality standards the whole machining activities are carried out in a controlled atmosphere, so that temperature difference doesn’t cause any deviations in the jobs when measured at customer end.

Departments In Ray-Hans Precision Tools Private Limited

  • Marketing Department.
  • Store.
  • Training Department.
  • Designing Department
  • Engineering Department.
  • Machine Tool Shop.
  • N.C. Shop.
  • Heat Treatment Shop.
  • Quality Control.
  • Tool Assembly.

Design Section
Our internship started as we enter into design section as the design is considered as the first step of any production and it display the end result before wasting material and it’s the best tool to communicate with your shop men, technician and others, so it compulsory to have basic knowledge of design for everyone.
In design section you deal with the language of lines how they represent the end results of your dedicated work. We were first diverted to drafting then to proper design process

The design section is based on three steps

  • Sketching
  • Manual
  • Computer aided Design (CAD)

Wire EDM
Wire EDM machines imported from Swiss, uses wires of diameter ranging from 0.1 mm to 0.25 mm and EDM Drilling machines can do the drilling up to a diameter of 0.3 mm. Various grades of Steels, copper and carbides were also machined in these machines. These sophisticated machines process complex geometric shapes up to height of 150 mm.

wire cut EDM
wire cut EDM

Why EDM?

  1. EDM can easily machine parts with very thin walls, complex geometry, narrow slots, small corner radii, very small features, etc. with virtually no mechanical stress.
  2. EDM can cut hardened steel, titanium, Inconel and other difficult materials without the limitations of traditional machining.
  3. EDM can achieve an excellent surface finish with no burrs right out of the machine.
  4. EDM can reduce production costs with stacked parts machining using wire EDM as well as multi-up fixturing for wire, sinker and hole pop EDM.
  5. Use EDM over broaching for better precision, accuracy and finish, no need to make a custom broach, and no risk of introducing unwanted debris into the finished part.
  6. Use EDM instead of short-run stamping for straight-edge cuts with sharp corners and no shear or break as well as reduced costs by eliminating the need for special tooling.

It was a wonderful learning experience at RAY-HANS PRECISION TOOLS PRIVATE LIMITED for two weeks in kochi. I gained a lot of insight regarding almost every aspect of plant. I was given exposure in almost all the departments at the plant. The friendly welcome from all the employees is appreciating, sharing their experience and giving their peace of wisdom which they have gained in long journey of work. I am very much thankful for the wonderful facility from RAY-HANS. I hope this experience will surely help me in my future and also in shaping my career.
I am pretty sure that this facility has ability to achieve its goals as stated in vision following their quality statement.
“We are committed to comply with customer requirements and Quality Management System Requirements and shall strive to continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System to exceed customer expectations”



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Precision tooling Industry – Summer Industrial Training report Download

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