Mahindra and Mahindra Swaraj | Internship Industrial Training Report

Mahindra and Mahindra Swaraj | Internship Industrial Training Report

India is mainly an agricultural country. Agriculture accounts for approximately 25 percent of India’s GDP. Agriculture in India is the means of livelihood of almost two thirds of the workforce in the country and employs nearly 62 percent of the population. It accounts for 13 percent of India’s exports. About 42 percent of India’s geographical area is used for agricultural activities. It is therefore considered a vital sector of the Indian economy.
The Indian tractor industry is the largest in the world, accounting for one third of global production. The other major tractor markets in the world are China and the USA. The global spotlight on tractor manufacture in terms of unit volume seems to be swinging away from the USA, UK and Western and Eastern Europe towards India and China, where growth in the number of producers and the total volume of production in recent years has been impressive.

Introduction and Business Description 
Swaraj Tractor Division, Mahindra and Mahindra Limited, is the farm equipment manufacturer division and the flagship company of the erstwhile Punjab Tractors Limited of which a major share was acquired by Mahindra and Mahindra Limited in the year 2007. The Company’s principal activity is to manufacture, market and servicing of tractors ranging from 25-100 HP. Other products include self propelled harvester combines, forklifts, tractor drawn agricultural implements, gears, spare parts, casting and accessories. The Company has manufactured and sold more than 600,000 tractors over the past 30 years (with 36000 tractors being manufactured and sold in the fiscal year 2008- 2009 alone).The basic credibility of the company is the manufacture of reliable tractors requiring least maintenance and low cost of ownership. The Company is one of the major share-holder in the
Indian Tractor Industry in a market with rivals like John Deere, Case New Holland, TAFE, etc. The company has in-house competence in producing engines and transmission systems and has been the best financially managed company in the Indian Tractor Industry. The reputed Swaraj brand of the company is sold through 475 exclusive dealers stocking only Swaraj products The manufacturing plants and the Research and Development centre of the company are located in Mohali, Punjab.

The company exports auto components to the markets of African/SAARC countries.

The company has 3 farm equipment manufacturing facilities:-
1. Swaraj Tractor Division (STD) Phase –IV, Industrial Area, SAS Nagar(Mohali)
2. Swaraj Foundry Division (SFD) Mazri, SAS Nagar(Mohali)
3. Swaraj Combine Division (SCD) chapparcheri, SAS Nagar(Mohali)

mahindra and mahindra swaraj assebmly line
mahindra and mahindra swaraj assebmly line

Manufacturing Facilities at Plant-1 
A number of manufacturing facilities are available at the Mahindra and Mahindra, Swaraj Division, Plant -1
The whole manufacturing system is divided into a number of departments
1. Light machine shop
2. Heavy machine shop
3. Paint shop
4. Assembly shop
5. Heat treatment shop
6. Quality Engineering

Report submitted by: Harpreet Singh B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering) 

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  1. Hello i am Ranjan Kumar . final year mechanical engineering student. I am looking na internship in reported company .my skills are i have good knowledge of manufacturing processes,lathe,casting, machine design, Auto cad ,solid work, and also programing language python, DSA, machine learning..

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