Mini Milling Machine Project For Mechanical Final Year Students

Mini Milling Machine Project For Mechanical Final Year Students


A milling machine is a machine tool used for the complex shaping of metal and other solid materials. Its basic form is that of a rotating cutter or end mill which rotates about the spindle axis (similar to a drill), and a movable table to which the work piece is affixed. That is to say, the cutting tool generally remains stationary (except for its rotation) while the work piece moves to accomplish the cutting action. Milling machines may be operated manually or under computer numerical control. Milling machines can perform a vast number of complex operations, such as slot cutting, planning, drilling, rebating, routing, etc. In our project is deals with smaller operation using mini milling machine.


In this century, we have seen many new developments in very advanced manner at various fields. Many new products, machines have been innovated with available technology and other resources. In future it may be further developed in advance manner. Before selecting this mini milling machine as our project work, we have dealt in several fields related to mechanical for selecting a better project work. But we hope that by doing this mini milling machine as our project work in a successful manner it may helps us in future to carry out different works. This machine we have manufactured is set to be the father of all machine tools. By the help of this machine, various operations can be performed.
Various types of milling machines are available in the market but the machine manufactured by us is highly economical in all aspects i.e., the cost of manufacturing is less; more number of operations can be performed. It is compact in size; It occupies  only less area; It can be operated manually even by an unskilled labour; this machine can be modified into a Semi-Automatic and Automatic milling machine by changing and fixing some of the necessary components. Initially it was made up of wood but now we have seen different types of milling machines. The most advanced type of milling machine is NC and CNC milling machines which are fully automatic and is numerically controlled by feeding dates and programming is done for various operations to be performed in the Job.


Mini Milling Machine Mechanical Project
Mini Milling Machine Mechanical Project

The induction motor is switch on by using the A.C power supply unit. The motor will rotate and this energy transfer to the milling shaft with the help of belt drive. The milling shaft is two side guided with the help of end steel ball bearings. The milling cutter is fitted in this shaft of the middle. The X-Y directional vice is used to guide the work piece in both the direction so that the milling operation is done in the work piece. Small milling and slotting operation is done with the help of this machine.


1. Small components are easily machined.
2. Machining and operating cost is less.
3. More number of operations can be performed.
4. Accuracy is more.
5. Highly economy.
6. Unskilled labour can also to operate this machine.
7. Production time is less.
8. Occupies less space.
9. Simple mechanism is used.
10. More than one operation can be done simultaneously.
11. It is very useful in mass production industry.
12. Weight of the machine is less.
13. Foundation is not necessary.

14. Design and fabrication of machine is very simple.
15. Material wastage is less.
16. Less power consumption.
17. Recondition of machine parts are very easy.
18. Various spindle speeds are available in this machine.
19. Loading and Unloading of work piece is very simple.


1. Complicated shape work piece cannot be machined.
2. Major operation cannot be performed

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