Front Engine Rear Wheel Drive | Advantages and Disadvantages

Front Engine Rear Wheel Drive | Advantages and Disadvantages

In this layout, front mounted engine-clutch-gear box unit drives beam type rear axle suspended on leaf springs through a propeller shaft with two universal joints. With the help of coil springs, the front wheels are independently sprung.

This layout is one of the oldest layouts which remain unchanged for many years.

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front engine rear wheel drive layout diagram
front engine rear wheel drive layout diagram

Some of the advantages provided by this system are as follows.

Advantages Of Front Engine Rear Wheel Drive :

1. It is reasonably balanced weight distribution between front and rear wheels providing good handling characteristics.
2.. For easy front wheel steering movement, the engine occupies the reduced width between arches.
3. Behind the rear seats, a large luggage space is available by providing the increased carrying capacity as well as space for easy body movement.
4. Accessibility to various components such as engine, gear box and rear axle are better compared to other layouts.
5. The control linkages such as accelerator, choke, clutch and gear box are short and simple.
6. For the full benefits of the natural air stream created by vehicles, the movement is taken by the forward facing radiator in reduced power losses from a large fan.

1. A single or split propeller shaft with universal joints and supporting bearings between front mounted gearbox and rear axle may generate vibration, drumming, howl and other noises under certain operating conditions.

2. The floor tunnel is necessary to provide a clearance for the operation of a propeller- shaft system and it may interfere with passenger leg-room.
3. In case of a rigid casing for the axle and final drive, more weight is not supported by the suspension system so that the quality of the suspension ride may be reduced. Additional universal joints and drive shafts are required for independent rear suspension.
4. A rear-wheel-drive vehicle when stuck in mud, tends to plough further into the ground when attempts are made to drive away.

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