Feed Check Valve Diagram ,Working | Boiler Mounting and Accessories

Feed Check Valve Diagram ,Working | Boiler Mounting and Accessories


Boiler mountings are the devices mounted on the boiler surface for safe operation, efficient working, control steam generation and easy maintenance of the boiler.

In accordance with the Indian boiler regulation the following mountings should be fitted to the boilers.

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A feed check valve

Function of Feed Check valve 

To control the supply of water to the boiler and to prevent the escaping of water from the boiler when the pump pressure is less or pump is stopped.

feed check valve
feed check valve


The feed check valve is fitted in the water space of the boiler slightly below the normal level of the water. It consists of a check valve CV which moves automatically up and down under the pressure of water on its gun metal seat. FV is the feed check valve which can be raised or lowered on its gun metal seat, thereby opening the delivery passage and its opening controls simultaneously lift of the check valve CV. F is the flange which is bolted to the front end of the boiler shell at a point from which an internally perforated pipe leads the feed water and distributes it near the working level of the water in the boiler. The feed check valve CV is operated by the hand wheel H to control the supply of water to the boiler to maintain the water level constant.


During normal operation the feed valve may be lifted due to the pressure of water from the feed pump and water may be fed into the boiler. When the pump stops working, the pump pressure is less than the boiler pressure; the valve may be closed to its  automatically due to the pressure of water from the boiler.
It is very important to check that the non-return valve (CV) is in good condition as it is subjected to automatic upward and downward movement due to the fluctuations in the feed water pressures. The valve CV can be inspected for repair by fully closing the valve FV. If the boiler is in operation it should be seen that there is sufficient water in the boiler before such work is undertaken.

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