Fabrication of Hybrid (Petrol and Electric) Motorcycle Vehicle

Fabrication of Hybrid (Petrol and Electric) Motorcycle Vehicle


In automobile sector, the need for alternative fuel as a replacement of conventional fossil fuel, due to its depletion and amount of emission has given way for new technologies like Fuel cells vehicles, Electric vehicles. Still a lot of advancement has to take place in these technologies for commercialization. The gap between the current fossil fuel technology and zero emission vehicles can be bridged by hybrid technology. Hybrid vehicles are those which can run on two or more powering sources/fuels. Feasibility of this technology is been proved in four wheelers and automobile giants like Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai have launched successful vehicles like Toyota prius, Honda insight etc. This technology maximizes the advantages of the two fuels and minimizes the disadvantages of the same. The best preferred hybrid pair is electric and fossil fuel. This increases the mileage of the vehicle twice the existing and also reduces the emission to half. At present, we like to explore the hybrid technology in the two wheeler sector and its feasibility on road. This paper deals with an attempt to make a hybrid with electric start and petrol run. Further a design of basic hybrid elements like motor, battery, and engine. As on today, hybrid products are one of the best solutions for all pollution hazards at a fairly nominal price. An investment within the means of a common man that guarantees a better environment to live in.



Any vehicle is a hybrid when it combines two or more sources of power. For example, a moped (a motorized pedal bike) is a type of hybrid because it combines the power of a gasoline engine with the pedal power of its rider. Most of the locomotives we see pulling trains are diesel-electric hybrids. Cities like Seattle have diesel-electric buses — these can draw electric power from overhead wires or run on diesel when they are away from the wires. Submarines are also hybrid vehicles — some are nuclear-electric and some are diesel-electric. Any vehicle that combines two or more sources of power that can directly or indirectly provide propulsion power is a hybrid.

Economics, the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel, and air pollution will affect the use of electric bikes in general. Today’s fuel price in some nations is related to the cost of production and in other nations to the need to control imports. The price of fuel in the future will be affected by the exhaustion of reserves of petroleum and natural gas, and the need to limit (1) the pollution of the environment and (2) the generation of carbon dioxide.


First inspection is done for the front wheel dimensions of the TVS SCOOTY i.e., it should match with the rear wheel of the electric bike. Then the front wheel of the TVS SCOOTY has been removed and the fork has been altered, So that it fits exactly to the size of the motor wheel. The front wheel, the motor wheel has been connected to the forks by using the arc welding and made a joint. It had been coupled using a universal joiner. The set of series connected 4-batteries set is kept on the space between the seat and engine. The wires from the power booster are connected to the ultra saver kit so as to regulate the voltage fluctuations that is passing and also to supply various voltages required by the other parts of the vehicle (includes bulbs, horn, indicators etc.). Once the connections are made to the batteries, ultra saver, power booster and the motor forms an electric circuit.

hybrid motorcycle
hybrid motorcycle

A cutoff switch is connected to the front side of the bike to convert from the petrol engine to the motor engine. The power booster is connected to the throttle and the motor wheel. In general there will be six connections that will be present between motor and the power-booster four of the connections will be to the motor steps this will increase the motor speed in step wise and the remaining are used for heat sensors and load sensors. A MCB (miniature circuit breaker switch) is connected to protect the circuit from damaging. The throttle will have two connections one is connected to petrol engine and then it is connected to the electrical circuit through a small device to the power booster to control the flow of power to the motor. The circuit will control the four steppers used in the front motor.Speed is regulated by using this throttle. There are different types of steppers used for different bikes. In this hybrid vehicle, speed control ranges from 2.5 to 10 AH.


  • Less cost low economy
  • Easy maintenance
  • Less pollution
  • Less Wear on Engine Components
  • Reduce Dependence on Fossil Fuels


  • High initial cost.
  • Overall weight of the bike increases.
  • Different Driving Experience.
  • New parts and servicing can be inconvenient and expensive.
  • There may be a short circuit problem in the electric components.

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http://www.ijera.com/papers/Vol4_issue10/Part%20-%206/Q41006142144.pdfOpens in a new tab.

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