Difference Between Petrol and Diesel cars | which is better in India 2017 petrol vs diesel

Petrol Vs Diesel Cars Difference |  Which is better in India 2017 petrol vs diesel

While buying a car, one of the key decisions one has to make is to decide between a Petrol and Diesel vehicle. While there is no simple answer for this debate, the following points can help you reach a decision. The Following points will help to you clear doubts like, which car to buy in India, which car is faster petrol or diesel, which car gives more mileage among petrol and diesel Cars, Petrol vs Diesel car Performances, which is better ?  
petrol vs diesel car
petrol vs diesel car

Generally everyone says that a petrol engine is good for the car, as it has less service required, and it is a rev happy engine. But dont get it wrong that diesel engine is bad. Diesel engine is always regarded as an efficient engine; take an example Honda amaze comes in both 1.2l petrol and 1.5l diesel and you will see that diesel returns 24-25kmpl and petrol engine gives 17-18 kmpl. You have to understand that diesel engine being 1.5l is much heavier that petrol version. Still it returns 25kmpl. So it diesel engine consumes less fuel. The same reason all heavy vehicles come with only diesel engine. Downside is it requires regular service. After using for say 5-10k kms if you check the oil dipstick in the engine you will see the oil in the diesel engine is pure black like smokers lungs!! But for petrol it will be the same golden liquid colour. Hence the issue of regular service.

Advantages Of Both Petrol and Diesel Cars:

  1. Petrol cars come cheaper in comparison to diesel version, primarily the reason being that petrol fuel types are manufactured at a lower cost
  2. Diesel engine cars deliver better fuel efficiency and command a better price in the resale market
  3. Petrol cars are responsive, powerful and peppier in comparison to diesel version
  4. Diesel engines are capable of producing more torque than the petrol variant. This means that fewer gear changes are required while driving
  5. Petrol engines are relatively silent in comparison to a diesel variant
  6. Diesel engines have been reported to emit less C02 emissions, thus availing tax benefits in comparison to a petrol model

Disadvantages Of Both Petrol and Diesel Cars:

  • Servicing of a diesel variant is relatively expensive as compared to a petrol version. Spares for the diesel version come at a higher price tag
  • Petrol engines deliver lower fuel efficiency figures in comparison to the diesel variants. Cost of petrol is also higher which in turn adds up to the overall running cost
  • Diesel engines are considered to be slightly under-powered and sloppier than a petrol version
  • Petrol version does not command a good resale value in the used car marke
  • Diesel engines often run into compliance issues with environmental norms
  • Petrol versions haven’t been much of a success with bigger vehicles
Which Car Is Better ? Petrol vs Diesel Conclusion 

Buy a diesel model if
  1. Monthly running is around 1,500-2,000 km or 50-70 km a day.
  2. The price difference between the petrol and diesel models is around INR 50-60,000.
  3. You are looking to operate your vehicle as a taxi.
  4. You will be keeping the car for at least 8-10 years.

Buy a petrol model if
  • Monthly running is less than 1,500 km or 50 km a day.
  • The price difference is around INR 1 lakh.
  • You live in a small city where distances aren’t great

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