There is already invention has been done of gearbox for motorcycle for transmit the torque from engine crankshaft to the rear wheel of the motorcycle. The gearbox is used for increase or decrease the torque as required for motorcycle riding positions. The gearbox increases the required torque for start the ride and put the motorcycle into motion. After the starting the running of the motorcycle there is no need of high torque so now gear box is transmits the optimum torque to the rear wheel at high speed. For the operation of gearbox and shifting the gear there is need of some effort of driver of motorcycle. There is foot paddle in the left side of the engine near to left leg for shifting the gear in most of the motorcycles. And there is clutch mechanism for engage-disengage between engine crankshaft and input shaft of gearbox. So for flawless and jerk less driving of motorcycle there is need of timing in operating the clutch and gearbox. Without experience of driving motorcycle and shifting its gear driver cannot drive motorcycle jerk less. So there is need of auto transmission for rapid shifting of gear and increase the efficiency of engine.
The topic of current interest in the area of controller development for automatic transmissions with a finite number of gearshifts which transmits the gears automatically with respect to speed. Gearshifts in automatic transmissions involve a change in the power flow path through the transmission. Advantages of these automatic transmissions include simplicity of mechanical design and savings in transmission weight and size, which are beneficial in terms of fuel economy and production costs.
Aim of Project…
Our main aim of project is modify the motorcycle engine by replacement of manual gear transmission to automatic gear transmission which is operate by the application of magnetic clutch and DC motor. And by this invention rise the comfortability of rider by modify the engine.
Important Components of this project…
In this project working and model some extra devices are used which are not generally use in the motorcycle and for gear shifting.

relay wiper motor dc motor magntic clutch
relay wiper motor dc motor magntic clutch

1.Magnetic clutch:

In this experiment we use the magnetic clutch at replacement of friction clutch in manual gearing arrangement. Which is operate automatically and work by sensors which operate on motion sensing. the computer control programming is used for working of sensors and magnetic clutch simultaneously.
For this type of magnetic clutch we take that clutch from the car AC compressor because it have sufficient magnetic field which can run the engine power as a driving.
Relays come in various configurations for their switch contacts, as well as different DC voltages for to operate their coil. They may be as simple as an on/off switch or as complex as integrating several switches into one unit. In a “double-pole“ configuration, one switch terminal toggles between two different output terminals. Regardless of the configuration, each switch on a relay can be “normally open” (NO) or “normally closed” (NC); that is, when the coil is at rest and not energized, the switch contacts are NO or NC. In an open circuit, no current flows, similar to a wall light switch in the “Off” position. In a closed circuit, metal switch contacts touch each other to complete a circuit, and current flows, similar to turning a light switch to the “On“ position.
3.High torque motor(wiper motor)
For the gear shifting of engine the foot shifter is replaced by high torque motor for that requirement we use the car wiper motor.
4. DC Motor
The DC motor has two basic parts: the rotating part that is called the armature and the stationary part that includes coils of wire called the field coils. The stationary part is also called the stator. The armature is made of coils of wire wrapped around the core, and the core has an extended shaft that rotates on bearings. The ends of each coil of wire on the armature are terminated at one end of the armature. The termination points are called the commutator, and this is where the brushes make electrical contact to bring electrical current from the stationary part to the rotating part of the machine. The stator coils will be referred to as field coils they are connected in series or parallel with each other to create changes of torque in the motor.
For the power transmission to the input shaft of engine through magnetic clutch is done by 0.5 HP DC motor by belt drive and pulley mechanism. This is varying speed motor which maximum speed 5000 rpm which is control by regulator.
Arrangement of all components
According to image, power is supply for the driving to the engine DC motor with 5000 rpm is attach to the magnetic clutch through belt drive. Magnetic clutch is attach front to the engine with 5 mm gap. And engine and wiper motor connect with one small link mechanism for the gear shift.

Working of this model

There is some automation is carried out by computer programming and IC relay electric circuits.
First the electric power is supply to DC motor which rotate the magnetic clutch. For the driving of the engine the magnetic clutch is engage with input of engine plate and for that 12 volt DC current apply to the clutch and engine start to run. According to the speed variation that variation sense by the proxy sensor and send the signals to clutch and stepper motor at the time of disengage of clutch that time gear is shift by motor mechanism.


•Fuel efficient.
•Simple driving control.
•Reduce fuel consumption.
•Less fatigue to driver.
•Noiseless gear shifting.
•No shocks or jerky during driving.
•Due to automatic gear change, smooth running under all conditions.
•Improved acceleration and hill climbing.
•Increase life.
•Until this project work we conclude that according to today’s driving requirement automation is most suitable for the two wheel vehicle.
•By using some extra devices like use of magnetic clutch rapid operation of engagement and disengagement possible for automation is possible and reduce the human effort and fuel consumption also.
•And after this invention inexperienced person also drive the vehicle easily because there is not required proper timing for gearing, thus give better comfort ability to driver.
•Also this mechanism gives the safety to the gear box from failure. This invention has also some drawbacks like they require the proper safety for electric devices in engine because in engine heat generate and it causes the short-circuit also.

Sachin Thorat

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