Design and Analysis of Rocker Arm Project report Download

Design and Analysis of Rocker Arm Project report Download


The rocker arm is used to actuate the inlet and exhaust valves motion as directed by the cam and follower. It may be made of cast iron, cast steel, or malleable iron. In order to reduce inertia of the rocker arm, an I-section is used for the high speed engines and it may be rectangular section for low speed engines.
In four stroke engines, the rocker arms for the exhaust valve are the most heavily loaded. Though the force required to operate the inlet valve is relatively small, yet it is usual practice to make the rocker arm for the inlet valve of the same dimensions as that for exhaust valve.


Valve Gear Mechanism

The valve gear mechanism of an I.C. engine consists of those parts which actuate the inlet and exhaust valves at the required time with respect to the position of piston and crankshaft. Fig. 1.2 (a) shows the valve gear arrangement for vertical engines. The main components of the mechanism are valves, rocker arm, valve springs, push rod, cam and camshaft.

The fuel is admitted to the engine by the inlet valve and the burnt gases are escaped through the exhaust valve. In vertical engines, the cam moving on the rotating camshaft pushes the cam follower and push rod upwards, thereby transmitting the cam action to rocker arm. The camshaft is rotated by the toothed belt from the crankshaft. The rocker arm is pivoted at its centre by a fulcrum pin.

Rocker arm 3d model made in creo software
Rocker arm 3d model made in creo software


There are four analysis are carried out in a Rocker arm
1. Total deformation
2. Equivalent strain
3. Equivalent stress
4. Shear stress


The analytical design calculation has been calculated and then 3D modeling of the Rocker arm is done by using Creo parametric 2.0 software. The modeling was done using Creo by the help of the calculated parameters and the values. The stress analysis of the Rocker arm was found out manually by using formula and data taken from the Design data book, and then the specified stress concentration was analyzed by using ANSYS. The result found was compared with the values found out manually. The compared result was found satisfactory.
From this project, it was found that the analytical calculations of new section are more effective than that of older section.

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