What is DELMIA – Industrial Operations software

What is DELMIA – Industrial Operations software

What is DELMIA

DELMIA’s Digital Manufacturing Products and Solutions allow manufacturers in any industry to virtually define, plan, create, monitor and control all production processes. From early process planning and assembly simulation to a complete definition of the production facility and equipment, DELMIA assists companies to achieve maximum production efficiency, lower cost, improve quality and reduce time to market.

The acronym DELMIA means: Digital Enterprise Lean Manufacturing Interactive Application

DELMIA Virtual Manufacturing Simulation Solutions, The more complex a product, the more critical the assembly process becomes. Assembly of even the smallest electronic products through to massive aerospace and automotive products can become expensive and time consuming if it is planned incorrectly or training is inadequate. Being able to properly plan, simulate and then train assembly processes becomes a function that reaches across many departments including: Engineering, Production, and Support.

Having access to the 3D design data well before production begins delivers huge advantages to manufacturers focused on saving time and money in the operations. But also having access to applications which can quickly test a design and then generate simulations and animations, mean that the assembly process can be accurately planned, designed, trained and performed before manufacturing starts.

Tata Technologies bring digital manufacturing simulation solutions in the form of the DELMIA suite of software technologies. DELMIA provides entire digital solutions for on-demand and just-in-time manufacturing processes, allowing manufacturers to bring their products to market more quickly, while reducing production costs and encouraging innovation.

DELMIA’s digital manufacturing solutions allow manufacturing organisations to design and visualise the entire production process for a digitally specified product before deploying any physical materials and machines. They integrate closely with CATIA design solutions, as well as with ENOVIA data management and collaborative work solutions to deliver substantial benefits to customers deploying PLM. Businesses using DELMIA in conjunction with these solutions can increase opportunities for collaboration, reuse, and collective innovation throughout the product lifecycle.



DELMIA V5 V6 digital production DELMIA V5 V6
DELMIA® digital production solutions promote innovation and efficiency in production via the planning, simulation and digital modelling of global production processes. Courtesy of DELMIA, manufacturers can virtually experience the complete production of the plant; they can analyse the impact of the design or decide how to meet global demand, among many other things.

Management of manufacturing operations

DELMIA® manufacturing operations management solutions help manufacturers transform global production operations achieve and maintain excellence in their operations. This is achieved through better visibility, control and synchronisation of manufacturing operations and of the processes of supply chain on a global scale. The result is greater agility, ongoing improvement in the expansion of the business and a lengthening of the global supply chain. Manufacturers can establish a common set of processes.

Planning and optimization of operations
DELMIA operations planning and optimisation solutions promote planning based on reality, programming and the optimisation of complex business processes in all perspectives of planning. It allows clients to focus on those elements that differentiate them from the competition and plan benefits by capturing their operational reality, even the most insignificant detail. DELMIA clients trust the planning of the supply chain itself and the integrated optimisation platform for.

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