Theory Of Metal Cutting – S K mondal Notes For GATE , IES

SK Mondal Sir is one of the most famous faculty of engineering. He is the mechanical engineering faculty in Made Easy and is expert in SOM and Production (He is expert in every subject), he is known for his jugaaad. IES Swapan Kumar Mondal Sir is IES Officer (Railway), GATE topper, NTPC ET-2003 batch, 12 years teaching experienced, Author of Hydro Power Familiarization
(NTPC Ltd).

Topics Covered in Theory Of Metal Cutting notes By Sk Mondal 

theory of metal cutting notes by sk mondal
theory of metal cutting notes by sk mondal
  • Classification of Manufacturing Process
  • Rack angle and Clearance angle
  • The nomenclature of different angle and surface in turning
  • Orthogonal Cutting
  • Geometry of single point turning tool
  • Tool designation (ANSI) or ASA
  • Orthogonal Rake System
  • Critical correlations
  • Cutting shear strain
  • Velocities in metal cutting
  • Shear Strain Rate
  • Cause of chip formation
  • Mechanism of chip formation in ductile material
  • Mechanism of chip formation in brittle material
  • Types of chip
  • Built – up – Edge (BUE) formation
  • Effects of BUE formation
  • Reduction or Elimination of BUE

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