Handwritten GATE-IES-PSU Notes For Mechanical Engineering by KAME Acadamy

Handwritten GATE-IES-PSU Notes For Mechanical Engineering by KAME Acadamy

Free GATE/IES/PSU Notes – Many candidates who are preparing for GATE / IES / PSUs and other National & State level examination
have requested us to provide study material for preparation. So here we are posting some study material of various subjects in the hope
this study material will help GATE / IES / PSUs aspirants. Please find study material of the subject related to your stream in the below
table. We are in the process of increasing the number of subjects and more study material. We are trying our level best to help you all.

For preparing notes you can refer standard text books if you are preparing by self study , then make a note of syllabus of GATE/ ESE (or both )whichever exam you are focussing on ,and then start reading from standard text books and then start noting the important points . If you are not comfortable in this then you can join a coaching class , so that your notes gets prepared in class itself . 

free gate ies psu notes for mechanical
free gate ies psu notes for mechanical

GATE examination requires your conceptual knowledge and application of the concepts. No doubt made easy notes are very good, but the condition is you must be the class room student.When the teacher is explaining you some topic and you had noted down some imp. concept then while revising them that image will come into your mind and also you will never forget the concept.
So, try to make your own notes otherwise it will take a lot of time if you directly study from these notes.

Sc. no .SUBJECT NAME  File SizeDownload
1.SOM Column3.53 MbClick here to Download
2.SOM Bending Stress in beams4.06 MbClick here to Download
3.Theory of Machine I Mechanism15.9 MBClick here to Download
4.Thermodynamics I Entropy20 MBClick here to Download
5.Thermodynamics I Unsteady Flow6.7 MBClick here to Download
6.Internal Combustion Engine6.4 MBClick here to Download
7.RAC I Air Conditioning & Psychrometry9.7 MBClick here to Download
8.Power Plant I Compressors & Cavitation8 MBClick here to Download
9.Power Plant I Rankine Cycle5 MBClick here to Download
10.Heat Transfer I Unsteady State8 MBClick here to Download
11.Heat Transfer I Fins14 MBClick here to Download
12.FM I Boundary Layer Theory4.5 MBClick here to Download
13.FM I Fluid Kinematices7.2 MBClick here to Download
14.Machine Design I Bearing5.5 MBClick here to Download
15.Machine Design I Design for Dynamic Loading & Welded Joints9.7 MBClick here to Download
16.Material Science29 MBClick here to Download
17.Production I Interferometry & Sheet Metal Operation11.9 MBClick here to Download


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