Requirements and Functions of the Steering System

Requirements and Functions of the Steering System

What is Steering System :


Automobiles are controlled by a steering system. Steering system provides the directional change for the movement of an automobile and it maintains in a position as per the driver’s decision without much strain on him. The steering system allows the driver to guide the vehicle along the road and tum left or right as desired. The wheels are changed from their straight ahead ┬Ěposition for turning the vehicle to one side. It is obtained by mounting the steering wheel assembly suitably on the axle.

The safety of any automobile mainly depends on the performance of the steering and braking systems. Many of the accidents are happened due to the driver’s negligence, improper job of inspecting, repairing or maintaining the steering system. These problems can be avoided by knowing thoroughly about steering system. So, the knowledge about this system is very important to operate the vehicle in a safe mode.

Steering is done by moving the axes of rotation of front …heels with respect to the chassis frame. So, the inner wheel turns through a greater angle than outer one. If it is not so, a greater wear will occur. Each wheel rolls on arc with a steering having a common centre. For ensuring a proper control of the automobile, the driver must be able to

(a) tum in different directions so that it may not go astray.
(b) control the speed of the vehicle for moving according to requirements.
(c) slow down or stop when required whether slowly or suddenly.

By supplying more or less quantity of fuel, the accelerator controls the engine speed. The speed of the vehicle is changed by a gearshift lever for obtaining different gear speed. For stopping the vehicle, brakes are used. The.steering should be arranged in such a way that the wheels roll without slipping or scuffing. So, the steering must be light and stable with a certain degree of self-adjusting ability.

steering system
steering system

Requirements and Functions of the Steering System

Requirements of the steering system:

For ensuring proper, smooth operation and performance of the steering system, the steering system of any vehicle should satisfy the following requirements.
1. It multiples the turning efforts applied on the steering wheel by the driver.
2. The shocks of the road surface absorbed by wheels should not be transmitted to the driver’s hands.
3. When the driver releases the steering wheel after completing the turn, the wheel should achieve a straight ahead position immediately, called self-rightening effect.
4. It must keep the wheel at all time in rolling motion without rubbing on the road
5. This system should associate to control the speed.
6. It must be light and stable.
7. It must easily be operated with less maintenance.

Functions of the steering system:

A good steering system must perform the following functions satisfactorily.
1. It provides wheels swinging to the left or right.
2. It provides vehicle turning as per the will of the driver.
3. It provides the directional stability.
4. It helps to control wear and tear of tyres.
5. It helps in achieving the self-rightening effect.
6. It converts the rotary movement of the steering wheel into an angular turn of front wheels.
7 It multiples the effort of the driver by leverage to make Wheels easy to turn.
8. It absorbs a major part of road shocks in such a way from being transmitted to hands of the driver.

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