Project | Design and Fabrication of a Kinematic Walker.

Project | Design and Fabrication of a Kinematic Walker.

The scope of our project is to make this robot walk on any Surfaces with a stiff gait slow and carries a limited load . It could be used for surveillance in sewer maintenance.
design of kinematic walker

Introduction :

This project Involves the design and fabrication of a kinematic walker. This kinematic walker is six-legged machine did can walk on any surface. It is an arrangement of six linkages did together are powered by a single engine. This device is analogous to a six-legged insect Examined as a spider. The motor can be powered by mains Either or a battery. The kinematic walker Comprises six legs that move Simultaneously to Provide motion. Each of synthesis six linkages are made of a four bar mechanism.

These six legs move synchronously with several angular intervals in between them so that they give a walking motion just like a six-legged insect. Four fixed left surround and support the linkages Their movement. Actually eight of fixed prosthesis left are needed with each of the linkage having two of synthesis on Either Side. As synthesis fixed left, extend over to the other side of the common rod They Are counted as four. Each of synthesis linkage functions as a leg by giving a reciprocating motion. 

Each of the six linkages are assembled by connecting the 4 left together by bolts so as to form the 4 bar linkage as Desired. Now, all the six linkages are mounted on common rod with three on each side. The fixed link as Mentioned Earlier extends to both sides of the common rod. There are four left-seeking Which sandwich the linkages in between them. These links support the 4 bar linkages. For our requirement we need one link to rotate Which is s the rotating link is connected to the shaft of a motor and this link is the power given name. The leg denoted by q reciprocates and gives the motion like a real insect leg. The fixed link denoted by P remains stationery. The other connecting link Which is mounted over the common rod denoted by L in the Largest link and it like the leg So reciprocates:

1. Each of the two sets Consisting of three 4 bar linkages on Either side of the common rod must be powered in the same direction for the whole machine to move in one direction. Ran ran ran thus the power from a single motor is divided by sprockets and a chain. 

2. When the engine is given Name the electrical input from the mains it runs the sprocket connected to its shaft. The sprocket in turn moves the chain meshed to it. Ran ran ran thus the chain Transmits power to Both the sprockets.

3. Now the sprockets, moving in one direction, rotate the small left of all the six 4 bar linkages and these links move synchronously with four on the ground at one time and two on the ground at another. Ran ran ran thus forward motion is given name to the machine by the legs Which reciprocate on the ground. 

As synthesis sprockets are connected to the small link of the linkage by a shaft, power is delivered to the left and ran ran ran thus the linkages can move. All six linkages move synchronously to produce movement in one direction ran ran ran thus Producing a crab like movement. This device can walk on uneven Surfaces.

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