Maglev wind turbine Mechanical Project

Maglev Wind Turbine- mechanical Project 2017


  • Renewable energy is generally electricity supplied from sources, such as wind power, solar power, geothermal energy, hydropower and various forms of biomass. These sources have been coined renewable due to their continuous replenishment and availability for use over and over again. The popularity of renewable energy has experienced a significant upsurge in recent times due to the exhaustion of conventional power generation methods and increasing realization of its adverse effects on the environment.
  • It is estimated that renewable sources might contribute about 20%-50% to energy consumption in the later part of the 21st century. Facts from the World Wind Energy
  • Incorporation of more renewable energy to the power system.
  • Design of a new method of generation of electricity using the wind energy Generated by the moving vehicles on the highways , roads, OR home terrace or balcony or school colleges terrace .
  • To reduce energy loss due to friction in bearing 
  • Design and development of magnetic levitated wind turbine.
  • Development Stand-alone system for providing the power to the highways. Or streetlamps, singles,cctv
  • Combination of the two natural powers wind and solar to make desired output.
  • Main constrain a Low cost device middle class or small scale industries OR society can purchase

What is Maglev wind turbine?

  • Maglev wind turbines have several advantages over conventional wind turbines. For instance, they’re able to use winds with starting speeds as low as 1.5 meters per second (m/s). Also, they could operate in winds exceeding 40 m/s. Currently, the largest conventional wind turbines in the world produce only five megawatts of power. However, one large maglev wind turbine could generate one GW of clean power, enough to supply energy to 750,000 homes
  • The output voltage of this MAGLEV technology 230 volt,  home appliances ,  easily runs on this concept or streetlamps, CCTV , Internet routers ,dish panels.


Maglev wind turbine
Maglev wind turbine
  •  The magnetic repulsion will be strong enough to keep both magnets at a distance away from each other. The force created as a result of this repulsion can be used for suspension purposes and is strong enough to balance the weight of an object depending on the threshold of the magnets. In this project, we expect to implement this technology form the purpose of achieving vertical orientation with our rotors as well as the axial flux generator.


1. This Project gives 230 volt output main advantage.
2. no harm to birds and noice
3. Accepts wind from any angle.
4. Better answer to rapidly changing winds.
5. Components can be mounted at ground level
6. Ease of service
7. Lighter weight towers
8. Virtually silent operation..


1. streetlamps, CCTV , Internet routers ,dish panels.
2. commercial complex , buildings ,colleges .
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  1. Hi there will your system power a four bedroom residence with enough electricity?
    Where do I purchase sutch a system and cost ?
    I am from SouthAfrica

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