List of GATE 2020 Mechanical Books By gate topper

List of GATE 2020 Mechanical Books By gate topper

I am ( abhishek pandey) listing out the books below that i have refereed during my GATE preparation ( I have secured 341 rank and 98.57 percentile in GATE 2004) .I have completed my Mtech in Thermal Engineering from IIT Delhi in 2006.


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1. Engineering Mathematics – B.S .Grewal .
Note :- B.S Grewal is quite good and sufficient book to cover GATE Mathematics syllabus. Carefully cover engineering mathematics part because most of the candidates don’t prepare this part seriously .My experience says if you cover this part carefully you will surely lead your
friends .

2.Engineering Mechanics – R.S Khurmi .
Note :- R.S .Khurmi is sufficient book to cover GATE syllabus .Please don’t invest too much time on this subject.

3.Strength of Material – Sadhu Singh .
Note :- Sadhu singh is complete book for strength of Material and no need refer any other book.

4.Theory of Machine :-

1.R.S Khurmi ,
2.S.S Rattan.
Note :- R.S khurmi is good book for theory of machines .

5.Mechanical Vibration -Grover
Note :- Refer any good book for mechanical vibration .Please don’t invest too much time on this subject.

6.Machine Design :- R.S .Khurmi
R.S khurmi is good book for Machine Design.

7.Fluid Mechanics :-

1.P.N. Modi & S.M .Seth.
2.R.K .Bansal
3.Jagdish Lal
Note :- Modi & Seth book is complete book for Fluid mechanics have good theory and very good numerical collection.No need to refer any other book.

8.Heat Transfer :-

1. D.S .Kumar
2. R.K Rajput .
Note :- Both books are equally good for Heat transfer and you can refer any one of them .Have good theory , numerical and objective question .

9. Basic thermodynamics- P.K.Nag

Note :- Excellent book for thermodynamics.No need to refer any other book.

10. Power Plant Engineering :- P.K Nag

Note :- Good for steam turbine part as well as gas turbine.For gas turbine you can also refer I.C Engine Book (M.L Mathur and R.P sharma)

11. I.C Engine :- M.L Mathur and R.P sharma

Note :- Good book .You can also refer this book fro gas turbine syllabus given in last of this book.

12. Refrigeration & Air -conditioning :- C.P Arora
Note :- C.P Arora is excellent book for Refrigeration & Air -conditioning for theory as well as for  numerical .No need to refer any other book.

13. Turbo machinery :- P.N. Modi & S.M .Seth.

Turbo machinery basically part of fluid mechanics so you refer fluid mechanics book only .Modi & seth is quite good book ,you can also Jagdish lal for that also if you already have that.

14. Manufacturing Engineering / Production technology :-
1. Kalpakjian
2. P.C sharma
3.Ghosh & Malik

Note :- Kalpakjian is very excellent book for production technology for theory part it does not cover the numerical part .P.C sharma is very good book for theory as well as numerical .Ghosh & Malik is small book but is Bible for production technology for theory as well as numerical.

Suggestion :- Cover theory from kalpajian and numerical from Ghosh & Malik (For solving some numerical in GATE last year paper you should also refer P.C sharma (for numerical only) ).Please cover this part very carefully it comes in the category of mathematics part i.e most of the GATE candidates does not prepare properly.

15.Industrial engineering :- O.P Khanna .

Note :- O.P khanna is quite good book for Industrial Engineering.

16 operation Research :- R.K Gupta .

Final words :- You have to cover all the subjects very carefully one by one .Make strategy to allot time according to weightage of subjects.Along with other subjects don’t forget to prepare Engineering mathematics and production technology ,these two subjects keep you ahead to other  candidates .Don’t put too much time for Engineering mechanics and machine vibration.

Keep on reading , very soon i am going to write for GATE Interview tips to get final entry in IITs or other post -graduation colleges.

Sachin Thorat

Sachin is a B-TECH graduate in Mechanical Engineering from a reputed Engineering college. Currently, he is working in the sheet metal industry as a designer. Additionally, he has interested in Product Design, Animation, and Project design. He also likes to write articles related to the mechanical engineering field and tries to motivate other mechanical engineering students by his innovative project ideas, design, models and videos.

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