Fixed axial Pneumatic Jack – Mechanical Project

Fixed axial Pneumatic Jack – Mechanical Project


Jacks are portable devices used for raising heavy objects by means of force applied with a lever or screw. The Pneumatic Jacks are compact and lightweight units that are used for lifting capacities. They offer easy operation and are fast acting components. The pneumatic jacks come with inbuilt release pedal for rapid lowering and lugs that make it easy to mount. The heavy duty chassis prevents the jack from twisting or bending and foot pump provides fast lift to the load. It also has a safety overload valve that prevents overloading beyond rated capacity. The pneumatic jack is designed with a super low-clearance combined with the unique total lift offering range that one needs ever. Together with the quick-lift pedal, the pneumatic jacks are suited for heavy duty intensive and commercial use. The jacks may also have extra wide stance for extra stability, complete air operation for low maintenance and long life.
The jacks have a longer wear life due to smooth bearing surfaces and close tolerances. The cold headed extension screw and release valve eliminate parts and reduce the chances of breakage and excessive wear.


Pneumatic jacks provide a means of lifting loads that otherwise could not be lifted by conventional mechanical (screw and scissors) jacks. A common Pneumatic jack with a lever arm and pump has two Mechanical Advantages (MA) built into it. One MA is due to the lever arm and the other is due to the ratio of the ram piston diameter squared (D2) to the pump piston diameter squared (d2), D2 / d2. The two MA’s combine in a manner that results in a multiplying effect rather than an adding effect, which yields a much larger overall MA.

fixed axial pneumatic jack mechanical project
fixed axial pneumatic jack mechanical project

The efficiency of a jack can be determined from the basic definition of efficiency, which are output / input. This laboratory exercise is appropriate for mechanical engineering technology or mechanical engineering students for a course in applied compressor mechanics, compressor power or machine design. The needed equipment is readily available off-the-shelf, at a very low cost.

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