Fabrication of Humidification Plant Using Single Blower

Fabrication of Humidification Plant Using Single Blower

Mechanical engineering without production and manufacturing is meaningless and inseparable. Production and manufacturing process deals with conversion of raw materials inputs to finished products as per required dimensions specifications and efficiently using recent technology

Objective and scope
Mini Humidification Plant is a mini Central type Metallic Air washer plant. It is a compact, pre-fabricated and factory assembled unit for the Air Washer part
The Casing / Chamber is made out of Sheet Steel, duly spray galvanized internally (anti corrosive treatment) and with synthetic enamel paint externally. All the internal components are identical to a Central Airwasher Plant. Louvers and Eliminators are made out of PVC, Filter of Nylon, Spray Pipes of GI / PVC and Nozzles of PP/PC.An Axial Fan directly coupled to a Motor is used and installed before the Airwasher chamber 20/22/24 G GI Ducting distributes the air through PVC Diffusers or deflection type Grilles depending upon the location of the Ducting. A Pump is placed near the unit and connected to the Spray set

The unit could be placed over a Water tank of size 2′-0″(H) x 6′ to 8′ (W) x 16′-0″ (L). This is the only civil work involved along with a small masonry block to position the Pump and a wall opening for the duct entry into the department. Indoor if space is not a criteria. Small units could also be hung from the roof if the roof is reinforced to take a load of approximately 1 Ton. If outdoor, a shaded area is ideal

Fabrication of Humidification Plant Using Single Blower
Fabrication of Humidification Plant Using Single Blower


  • Humidification is adjust as per requirement
  • It will adjust depend upon atmosphere humidity


  • Huge amount of water is required for running the plant

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