Classification Or Types of Automobiles with examples

1. With respect to Use : 

a. Mopeds
b. Scooter
c. Motor cycle
d. Three wheeler
e. Four wheeler – Car, Jeep etc.
f.Transport vehicle —Bus
g. Goods carrier – Truck, Trailer

2. With respect to Capacity : 

a. Heavy transport vehicle —Truck, Bus, Coaches , Dumper etc.
b. Light transport vehicle – Car, Jeep, Tempo etc.

3. With respect to Fuel Used :

a. Petrol vehicle – Car, Scooter, Motorcycle
b. Diesel vehicle – Truck, Bus, Tractor etc.
c. CNG vehicle — Bus, Auto rickshaws etc.
d. LPG vehicle — Car
e. Solar vehicle – Car

4. With respect to Make and Manufacturer :

a. Trucks – Layland, Tata
b. Station wagon – Matador, Dodge, Standard
c. Car – Fiat , Ambassador, Maruti
d. Motor cycle — Hero honda, Bajaj, Rajdoot, Yamaha
e. Scooter – Bajaj, LML, Kinetic Honda

5. With respect to Wheel and Axle :

a. Two wheeler- Auto cycle, Moped, Scooter, Motor cycle.
b. Three wheeler – Auto Rickshaw, Tempo.
c. Four wheeler – Car, Jeep
d. Six wheeler – Having Two rear axle e.g. Truck
e. Multi wheeler – Trailers.

6. With respect to Drive :

1. According to sitting position of driver
a. Right hand drive – All Indian vehicles.
b. Left hand drive – Most of American vehicles. 
2. According to driving axle :
a. Front wheel drive — Front wheels are driving wheels
b. Rear wheel drive – Rear wheels are driving wheels
c. Four wheel drive — All wheels are driving wheels

7. With respect to Suspension System :

a. Conventional suspension – Leaf Spring
b. Independent suspension – Coil spring, Torsion bar, Pneumatic

8. With respect to Transmission :

a. Conventional
b. Semi-automatic
c. Automatic

9. With respect to Fitting of Engine :

a. Engine at front
b. Engine at back
c. Engine fitted in front but crosswise
d. Bus chassis
e. Engine fitted at center of chassis.

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