Bearing Design | Machine Design Interview Question and answers

Bearing Design | Machine Design Interview Question and answers

Bearing Design | Machine Design Interview , viva, oral Question and answers

1. Classify the bearings.

• Based on nature of contact between bearing surfaces.
a. Sliding contact bearing.
b. Rolling contact (or) Antifriction bearing.
• Based on load applied.
a. Radial bearing (Circumferentially loaded)
b. Thrust bearing (Axially loaded)

2. What is the advantage of Teflon which is used for bearing ?

• It has lower co efficient of friction
• It can be used at high temperature
• It is practically chemically inert
• It is dimensionally stable

3. What are the stresses induced in flywheel arms ?

• Tensile stress due to centrifugal force.
• Bending stress due to Torque.
• Stress due to belt tension.
• Specify the types of flywheel.
• Solid piece flywheel.
a. Web type b. Rim and hub type.
• Split wheel
a. Rim and hub type only

4. Name the type of lubricant used in journal bearing ?

• Graphite
• Grease
• Mineral oil and synthetic oil

5. Specify the types of lubricant with example.

  • Liquid lubricants – Mineral and synthetic oils.
  • Semisolid lubricants
  • Solid lubricants
    – Grease ,
    – Graphite
rolling contact bearing
rolling contact bearing

6. State the merits of hydrostatic bearing.

The hydrostatic bearing steady loads without any relative motion between the journal and the Bearing.

7. What are the bearing materials ?

Aluminium Alloy, Copper alloy, Babbit, Cast iron steel, Silver etc.

8. State the different failure theories and the type of materials for which these are applicable ?

• Maximum principal theory –brittle material.
• Shear Stress Theory –Ductile Material.

9. What is known as self – acting bearing ?

The pressure is created within the system due to rotation of the shaft, this type of bearing is known as self – acting bearing.

10. State the theory of lubrication ?

i. Hydrostatic theory of lubrication.

ii. Hydrodynamic theory of lubrication.

11. List the types of bearing materials ?

i. Lead base babbit ii. Tin base babbit iii. Leaded bronze iv. Copper laed alloy v. Gun metal vi. Phosphor bronze.

12. What is load rating ?

The load carrying capacity of a rolling element bearing is called load rating.

13. What is basic static load rating ? 

It is defined as load acting on a non rotating bearing under which permanent deformation is 0.0001 times the ball of roller diameter.

14. Explain the term dynamic load carrying capacities of rolling contact bearing ?

Dynamic load rating is defined as the radial load in radial bearing that can be carried for a minimum life of one million revolution.

15. State the components of rolling contact bearings ?

i. Outer race ii. Inner race iii. Rolling element iv. Seperator.

16. What are the several types of radial ball bearing ?

i. Deep groove ball bearing ii. Self aligning ball bearing iii. Angular contact ball bearing iv. Filling notch bearing v. Double row bearing.

17. What are the types of trust ball bearings ?

i.One directional flat race ii. One directional Grooved race iii. Two directional Grooved race.

18. Define antifriction bearing ?

The contact between the bearing elements is rolling, this type has very small friction.

19. What is the nature of contact involved in a ball bearing element ?

Instead of sliding, the contact between the bearing elements is rolling.

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