Automatic sliding gate openers Using Rack and Pinion – Mechanical Project

Automatic sliding gate openers Using Rack and Pinion – Mechanical Project

Automatic gate is one of most usefully thing to use in companies, colonies, collages and schools. There is some type to operate a gate such as a sliding on screw or on rack and pinion, piston operated, rotary. Design is available for some type of operation and it is most costly also When installation and maintenance cost is not yet been considered. Most of the products we used in our country imported from foreign country. The objectives of this Project is to study, analyze, and develop a new mechanism that is cheap, safe easily available and installation is simple as well.. Here, different types of mechanism are used to operate gate. Those methods are finite element modeling and mechanical design concept and theories. So we have to analyze a stress, load, and other things related to deign to select material,
size of material. Therefore, the durability assessment results are significant to reduce the Cost and improve the product reliability. In order to improve the designed mechanism, vibration factor are conceder and more features provided.

rack and pinion operated gate design mechanical Project
rack and pinion operated gate design mechanical Project

Gates are commonly used now days at residential area and industrial area. A gate is a point of entrance to a space enclosed by walls. Gates may prevent or control Entry or exit of vehicles and human crowd. Today many gate doors are opened by an automated gate operator which gates come with many special features. The need for automatic gates has been on the increase in recent times. The system described here the actuator to control the movement of the gate automatically. The automatic gate described here automates the entrances to parking lots of residential homes, organizations, automobile terminus, and public car parks. It uses a remote control convenience to less the stress of manually opening and closing the gate and decreasing a requirement man power.. The gates are work with a many features like forward direction , reveres direction, automatic stop when problem occur and on sensing a movable parts around it..
Those gates come with different type of mechanism such as sliding, swing, folding, and barrier gate. Those mechanisms have their own working principle and feature but, automatic gate design seem limited at the local market. Most of the product is supply by a outside provider. which cost is higher and not in beget. Cost study and new mechanism design, can be Marketable toward customer at lower cost and new innovation of auto gate mechanism can enhance local design capability.


  • Objectives for this project refer to the mission, purpose, or standard; minimize cost simple mechanism that can be
  • reasonably achieved within the expected time and with the resources which are available. The objective of this
  • project is to design an automatic gate mechanism for collage with sliding gate with weight of 250kg of the gate. Cost
  • reduction and ease of installation are also considered for this mechanism.


The scopes for this project are to study many type of mechanism and working there principal mechanisms. Those Mechanisms include sliding gate. Design and sketches in rough view, are compare with a best design and choose a best design. The design should consider about the portability and cost. Based on the design, a prototype is constructed for mechanism rough view. And also ensure the mechanism can withstand high torque

Advantages –

  1. Designed and fabricated with rectangular hollow sections, MS sheet and joined by welding.
  2. The design and construction of gate minimize the risk and accident.
  3. Wide range of models for gates weighing from 250kg to 450 kg
  4. Operate a gate manually is power problem occur.
  5. Because of compact design silent operation.
  6. Electrical wiring of motor is safe and not come in direct contact of living things because of underground installation. Motor is protected for all things like dust, water, rain etc.
  7. The electronic control is use to open, close, emergency stop, partial opening of gate, reveres safety etc.

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