What is scope for girls in Mechanical Engineering ?

Mechanical Engineering is not a field which demands hard physical labor from everybody. True, there are some instances where intense physical labor is required. However, there are many more aspects of Mechanical Engineering which involve sitting in front of a computer the entire day – the same thing a techie would do. CAD modelling, simulation, process planning, production management etc. are fields where there is not much physical strain imposed. However, an occasional visit to the shop floor/test rig will be required.

As for the Scope of women in Mechanical Engineering fields in lndia, I must say that it looks very bright. Automation is catching on and the days of hard labor are slowly being replaced. Right now, it is a very male dominated industry but the trend is changing. The role of women is being taken very seriously and I personally feel it’s a very good thing.

Girls do not sign up for Mechanical Engineering because of the stereotypes surrounding it. But let me assure you that Mechanical Engineering is a beautiful field, one that never ceases to amaze. The more you study Mechanical Engineering, the more you are amazed by Mother Nature.
The other part of the story is that woman have very good career prospective being a mechanical engineer. Career paths like CAD designer, research fellow etc are equally competitive for men and women. The reason there are very few researchers in mechanical engineering who are women is that due to the indian culture which arrests freedom of girls to move out and explore things. To be a successful mechanical engineer, practical observation plays a major role. Many girls miss this part which narrows down their possibility to pursue mechanical engineering.
It’s not limited to rough labour, however the branch has got major subdivisions like
(1) Manufacturing Engineering 
(2) Thermal Engineering
(3) Engineering Design 
(4) Industrial Engineering.
In today’s automated process generation, many machines are now operated by Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) method. Girls can also work in this field for designing, programming and administering manufacturing process.So always suggest to go with your interests, if you’re interested in Mechanical, then do not think or consider others concern – who always demotivate as they think Mechanical field as Physical Labor work.
Last Words to Girls 🙂 

Want To Live Like Queen, Join Mechanical Engineering.

Want To Live Like Queen, Join Mechanical Engineering.


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