What is Product Animation | List of Product animation Software

What is Product Animation | List of Product animation Software


Product animation is all about product rendering and with it the animator can explain about a new product or an existing product or packaging. It is designed in such way to provide a photo realistic and accurate representation of the product or packaging that is already there or is proposed. 

3D animation helps to increase your credibility among your customers, both old and new. To grow your business and increase sales it’s not enough just to acquire new customers, it’s equally important to retain your existing customers too. Using a 3D animation, you can create ‘how to’ videos for your customers. By making an informative, instructional video you can give your customers added value by showing them features of your product that they may not normally use. This helps to gain their trust in your company and your products. These videos increase your credibility among your customers and aid in the growth of your business.

3d product design
3d product design

What 3d Product animation includes :

Below are the list of best 2D animation software

  • Anime Studio
  • Adobe Flash
  • Toon Boom
  • CreaToon
  • Adobe Photoshop

Using above 2D animation software is fun if you get master in it . Now time to move on 3D animation software

Below are the list of 3D animation software:

  • Maya
  • Lightwave
  • 3D Studio Max
  • Blender
  • Unity
  • Unreal

Other 3d Product Animation Softwares :

Adobe Audition:
I start with the Audio. I get the music decided upon first and then I record any dialogue. Dialogue is usually edit to fit the length of the song or vice-versa depending on which is better or more important.  This establishes the length of the video and really lays the foundation for the completed product.

Adobe Photoshop:
All the images to be displayed in the animation get created and saved for use.

Adobe After Effects:
The images and audio are import into after effects and laid out and animated based on the completed audio.  This includes any lettering or annotations that fly out to the dialogue or images that get relieved at a specific point in the music etc. Color correction, motion blur, glows, lens flairs, -all kinds of things, get applied to the video and then it is rendered.

Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro (Mac only):
The after effect file(s) and any conventional footage of talking heads or locations get all put together in Premiere and any final tweaks are made to audio. Transitions between clips are added and the final video is output.


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