Gerotor Pump | Working , Advantages , Disadvantages and Applications

Gerotor Pump | Working , Advantages , Disadvantages and Applications

Gerotor Pump:

It is a positive displacement pumping unit. The name gerotor is derived from “Generated Rotor”. A gerotor unit consists of an inner and outer rotor. The inner rotor has N teeth, and the outer rotor has N+1 teeth. The inner rotor is located off-center and both rotors rotate. During part of the assembly’s rotation cycle, the area between the inner and outer rotor increases, creating a vacuum. This vacuum creates suction, and hence, this part of the cycle is where the intake is located. Then, the area between the rotors decreases, causing compression. During this compression period, fluids can be pumped, or compressed (if they are gaseous fluids).

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gerotor pump Diagram
gerotor pump Diagram

Gerotor pumps are generally designed using a trochoidal inner rotor and an outer rotor formed by a circle with intersecting circular arcs. A gerotor can also function as a motor. High pressure gas enters the intake area and pushes against the inner and outer rotors, causing both to rotate as the area between the inner and outer rotor increases. During the compression period, the exhaust is pumped out.

Advantages of Gerotor pump : 

  1. High Speed
  2. Only two moving parts
  3. Constant and even discharge regardless of pressure conditions
  4. Operates well in either direction
  5. Quiet operation

Disadvantages of Gerotor Pump 

  • Medium pressure limitations
  • Fixed clearances
  • No solids allowed
  • One bearing runs in the product pumped
  • Overhung load on shaft bearing

Applications of Gerotor pump : 

  • Light fuel oils
  • Lube oil
  • Cooking oils
  • Hydraulic fluid

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