Design and Fabrication of Tricycle for Physically Challenged and Elder People

Design and Fabrication of Tricycle for Physically Challenged and Elder People


In this project the development of traditional manual operated tricycle is rear wheel drive in which chain drive mechanism replaced with single slider drive mechanism. The design concept of this model is taken from manually operated tricycle and railroad car. This wheelchair cum tricycle is useful for handicapped person. This modified tricycle gives the both advantages of wheelchair (for short distance or in-door use) as well as tricycle (for long distance use) in one machine. The transmission power and motion takes place from steering bar to rear wheel through linkages and rotating disc. Modification of this tricycle by single slider drive mechanism is used to transmit power that make the tricycle faster at fewer efforts as compared to existing tricycle. This paper provides the details of components used & designing parameters takes in consideration while designing tricycle. This wheelchair cum tricycle is very efficiently design and can be proved as better replacement for tricycle having chain drive mechanism.


The conventional hand powered tricycle in the Indian market used by the aged and differentially abled (orthopedic) person considered for evaluation in this work. The existing conventional tricycle consumes high energy for paddling. In case of terrain climbing more energy is required for driving. So the orthopedic person gets exhausted. The current design also lacks ergonomic comfort as the crank is kept fixed and the non adjustable seat which leads to back pain and muscle fatigue. This paper aims at proposing new alternate design which overcomes all the limitations in the current design. The new design is provided with features of adjustable back rest, foot rest, and adjustable crank and related accessories. Thus the improved design meets the ergonomic issues which were lagging in the current design.
In terms of mechanical efficiency and cardio-respiratory response, arm-crank propulsion is superior to hand-rim propulsion. During all operations such as mounting dismounting and riding including sitting, pedaling, steering and braking, the arm-crank propelled tricycle is ergonomically suitable and comfortable to the user.

Objective of the project

  • To study the various types of tricycle
  • Describe the construction and working of various parts of our project
  • Design the various parts of our project
  • Fabrication of the demonstration model

Working of tricycle

The tricycle accelerates to go in forward direction by pulling and pushing the steering rod in backward and front direction as shown in figure 1. For reverse motion apply the force on steering bar in front direction as shown in figure 2. Then pull the steering bar in backward direction and continue the process of pulling and pushing the steering rod in backward and front direction to accelerate the tricycle in reverse motion as shown in figure 2.

Design and Fabrication of Tricycle for Physically Challenged and Elder People
Design and Fabrication of Tricycle for Physically Challenged and Elder People

Testing of Machine

Materials used basically in mechanical design and construction seldom requires various test and balance in both its static and dynamic as well as its physical and mechanical properties to enable their state standard and efficient use in load bearing with or without load application.
As a result of the testing factors, static test has confirmed the tricycle stability, properly aligned, since all the extra weights was installed as low as possible to the centre of gravity of the tricycle.


Chain drive mechanism is replaced by Single slider mechanism is used to transmit power for driving tricycle which is most useful and economical as compared to the other tricycle. This tricycle is mostly useful for elder and handicapped people. Design of tricycle is simple, easy to operate and maintenance is very less. The operational efforts required less and hence single slider mechanism is an advantage of the tricycle.

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