Animation Of Oscillating Cylinder Engine Mechanism

Animation Of Oscillating Cylinder Engine Mechanism

Introduction :
When one of the links is fixed in a kinematic chain, it is called a mechanism. So we can obtain as many mechanisms as the number of links in a kinematic chain by fixing, in turn, different links in a kinematic chain.

This method of obtaining different mechanisms by fixing different links in a kinematics chain is known as inversion of the mechanism.
Single Slider Crank Chain Mechanism
A single slider crank chain is a modification of the basic four bar chain. It consists of one sliding pair and three turning pairs. It is usually, found in reciprocating steam engine mechanism. This type of mechanism converse rotary motion into reciprocating motion and vice versa.

Oscillating Cylinder Engine. 

The arrangement of oscillating cylinder engine mechanism is used to convert reciprocating motion into rotary motion. In this mechanism, the link3 forming the turning pair is fixed. The link 3 corresponds to the connecting rod of a reciprocating steam engine mechanism. When the crank (link2) rotates, the piston attached to piston rod (link1) reciprocates and the cylinder (link4.) oscillated about a pin pivoted to the fixed link at A.


Working Of Oscillating Cylinder Mechanism 
Working Of Oscillating Cylinder Mechanism 

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Oscillating cylinder steam engines are now mainly used in toys and models but, in the past, have been used in full-size working engines, mainly on ships and small stationary engines. They have the advantage of simplicity and, therefore, low manufacturing costs. They also tend to be more compact than other types of cylinder of the same capacity, which makes them advantageous for use in ships

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