What is Unreal Engine – Should I learn Unreal engine Software

What is Unreal Engine – Should I learn Unreal engine Software

Unreal Engine 4 is a complete suite of development tools made for anyone working with real-time technology. From enterprise applications and cinematic experiences to high-quality games across PC, console, mobile, VR and AR, Unreal Engine 4 gives you everything you need to start, ship, grow and stand out from the crowd.

The Unreal Engine is a game engine developed by Epic Games, first showcased in the 1998 first-person shooter game Unreal. Although primarily developed for first-person shooters, it has been successfully used in a variety of other genres, including stealth, fighting games, MMORPGs, and other RPGs.”

To make it simpler, game engine is something you use to create your game. It is like the engine of a car. While you may have every other component, like the body, windshields, wipers, tires and stuff, none of it can be brought to life without an engine.

This particular game engine utilizes C++ or pre-built visual scripting blueprints to script your games or other media-related content. UnrealScript used to be another scripting language used to program games. That programming language was made for modders and enthusiasts.

Games like Killing Floor, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, BioShock, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist, etc. are all made with Unreal Engine (versions differ).

A world-class toolset and accessible workflows empower developers to quickly iterate on ideas and see immediate results without touching a line of code, while full source code access gives everyone in the Unreal Engine 4 community the freedom to modify and extend engine features.

unreal engine
unreal engine

Advantages of Unreal Engine :

  1. Unreal engine in general is built upon the proven structure of many AAA games. It is a highly evolved engine for more than a decade. It’s a very subjective pro here , in short , you can trust it to manage a large / complex game. Understand that Epic is a multi-decade old company that not only build engine, but also uses their own engine to build game. To say that the engine follows a proven structure is really an understatement.
  2. It has excellent art pipeline. Node-based shader authoring has always been a huge pro for unreal for a long time.
  3. Fully open source. Community is constantly helping Epic to improve the engine. You can see the list of non-epic contributors at every major release. On top of that you can dig into the source to find our how certain functions work  at lower level. If you build with C++ , you can build from source , or not. If you build with blueprint , you can find our how certain functions work at lower level.
  4. Blueprint ( Visual Programming ) is a powerful engine-wide tool that could be easily extended if you have additional manpower in C++.
  5. Tonnes of learning material  and exceptional quality stock asset  (mostly built by Epic)

Disadvantages of Unreal Engine :

  • Way less plugin ( especially on social media side ) comparing to Unity.
  • Quite a bit of learning curve to understand best practice. Unreal tend to prefer you to work with their structure of doing things. This isn’t exactly a con , but something to understand beforehand.
  • If you’re working on a large scale budget , you might need to negotiate a custom licensing unless you’re willing to pay 5% gross profit.

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