Most vehicles today are driven by a transmission technology that most people take for granted, the automatic gearshift. Even though this technology is widespread today, there was a point in time when nobody really understood it very well, and when all vehicles were manuals. Learning why cars need gears at all, and how the automatic transmission was invented will give you some insight into your vehicle.
Why Vehicle uses Gears? 
Vehicles use gears to make sure that the engine is running optimally all the time. An engine works the best when it is running at a medium speed that it is comfortable with.
Since it isn’t possible to drive at the same speed all the time, different gear combinations are needed to adjust the speed While keeping the engine in a comfortable range of operation at the same time.
What is an Automatic Transmission? 
An automatic transmission is a computer controlled set of gears that will change from one to the next automatically while driving. When you get to a specific speed range, the computer will tell the car that it is time to shift to different gear, and the car will automatically switch to the next gear ratio up or down. This happens quickly, and without any input from the driver at all.
An automatic transmission (also called automatic gearbox, self-shifting gearbox or A/ T ) is a type of motor vehicle transmission that can automatically change gear ratios as the vehicle moves, freeing the driver from having to shift gears manually . Like other transmission systems on vehicles, it allows an internal combustion engine , best suited to run at a relatively high rotational speed, to provide a range of speed and torque outputs necessary for vehicular travel.

Did You Know  ?

A fluid couple makes use of liquid wrapped inside a capsule to transfer energy to switch gears when the vehicle is moving fast enough, The liquid slowly increases the amount of pressure it puts on the gearbox until eventually it has enough force to make the switch that would normally occur manually. When this force is no longer present because the vehicle has slowed down, the gears will switch back to the lower level that they were at before.
The History of the Automatic Gearshift
The very first automatic transmission was developed for use in a “horseless carriage” in 1904. This transmission would switch between a low and a high gear depending on the speed that the vehicle was going. It made use of flywheels to switch between the two gears. Unfortunately,they weren’t that great at forming precise metals back then, and the design was highly unreliable for that reason.
Evolution of the Automatic Transmission
In 1908, the Ford Model T came out with a banded transmission style that allowed the drivers to switch between two different drive gears. Even though they were manual, they were easier to switch than today’s manuals, and they did some of the work for you. In 1934, both General Motors and REO released a semi —automatic transmission that made it easier to shift between gears without any real skill. The car would predict shifts based on the current speed it was going.
The First Mass Produced Automatic Transmission :
Chrysler spent a lot of work adapting the fluid coupling to automotive use in the 1930’s and a lot of the breakthroughs that they came up with eventually led to the technology in the Hydra-Matic transmission produced by General Motors in 1939. This was the very first mass—produced automatic transmission and it was used in both Oldsmobile and Cadillac’s as an additional option that customers  could have installed in their vehicles.
While it was a long process, the idea for actual automatic transmissions has been around nearly as long as Vehicles themselves. A few key technological breakthroughs were necessary for automatic transmissions to become widespread, and these were provided by Chrysler and GM,both of which are still big names in the car industry today.
So, at the end we can conclude that auto gear shift is gaining more & more importance and also offering lot much convenience.
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