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This project is a pure analytical research to manage the product in quality in mass production centre to reduce the rejections with modern techniques of six sigma approach. Now-a-days the mass production centre reducing the rejections in PPM level in parts per million instead of percentage . One percentage rejection makes only one part per hundred numbers, legally it shows very less but in mass production centre it is ten thousand parts per million which is very huge quality. To reduce the rejections by PPM level, six sigma approach is the best and approved method in any kind of product that too in Automobile accessories manufacturing area. This project deals with a mass production automobile accessories manufacturing company to analyze, their rejections and reduce them by PPM level. Giving suggestions with proper evidence to the management to implement the facilities to improve the quality of the product . SUPER AUTO FORGE LTD , Medavakkam given their rejection and production quality of recent month to analyze, with their product and different types of flaws. We have analyzed the various process and the rejections generated during the process. Various design of experiment and quality tools applied in analysis and them to maintain for that visit to the company to get the evidence in physical.

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Any competitive company must be aware of and put to good use the best methods and processes possible in order to ensure quality of their products or services and in effect enhance profitability for their business. It is understand that the customer satisfaction must be done primary goal of any organization. Therefore it is essential that every employee in an organization should understand the importance of the customer and their need particularly the quality of the products or services. The Six Sigma methodology is used to find out the solution of the reduction in Internal Rework & Rejection in process of piston to 100 PPM. The solution for the statement of the problem is found that defects are not cause by CNC machining and Rough Grinding by various QC tools & DOEs through Six Sigma approach.

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➢ This project “Quality Management Through Six Sigma Approach” is analytical. In this project we are going to analyze the problem and then we are going to reduce those problem by using Six Sigma method.
For this project we went to SUPER AUTO FORGE PVT.LIMITED and we analyze this project  (Define,Measure,Analyze,Improve,Control) method.
Firstly we get the data from the from the company that in which process they are getting most of the defect and then we analyze that in Grinding process they are getting defect in a large amount. We went to the company and finished our project by using SIX SIGMA.

The objectives of this thesis are:
● To utilize six sigma methodology in performing the study
● To study the outer diameter of pistons dimension rejection trend by utilizing QC tools as the identified grinding machine.
● To identify the root causes of the OD rejects. To recommend actions to eliminate rejects to sigma levels.

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