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SYNOPSIS Of Solar Agricultural Water Pumping System

 Energy plays an important role in the material, social and cultural life of mankind.  The energy needs are increasing day by day.  This is the result of population growth and increase in the standard of living which is directly proportional to energy consumption.
  As we know that mankind will be never lacking in energy.  Today, it is liquid fluid, tomorrow it may be uranium with an element of risk.  Risk exists wherever there is human activity and production of energy.  Just as the supply of fossil fuel is finite thus there will be the supply of uranium.  Perhaps, uranium would be exhausted quickly if it is used on a large scale. It is therefore, harnessing the gigantic inexhaustible solar energy source reduces the dependence on fossil fuels. 


 For the environmental concerned, the solar energy harnessing system offers advantages in that, it emits no pollutants into the atmosphere as they are with the combustion of fossil fuels.  Thus, as a long term option solar energy system can be considered as an alternate to all the finite fuel system.  Therefore, there is no energy shortage today nor will there be in the near future?
The lifting of water for drinking or irrigation purposes is of great importance in widely distributed villages with little or no rural electrification and where underground water is available.  Solar energy is converted to mechanical energy to drive small water pumps it would be of great help to the rural inhibitions.
In our project we use solar photo voltaic cells for pumping water.  The photovoltaic modules convert sunlight directly to electricity which is used to run a dc motor pump for bailing of water.  It consists of solar photovoltaic modules, power conditioner to protect storage batteries from overcharging during non-sun shine and a dc water pump.


The panel is kept under the sun for radiation.  The photon energy from the sun lights that incident on the top metallic grid causes the electrons in the P-layer and holes in the N-layer to diffuse towards the junction.  In this process the electrons collected on the N-side and holes collected on the P-side charge these two sides oppositely.  This develops an open circuit voltage across the two terminals.  The energy conversion process continues as long as light is incident on the active top surface of the cell.
Fig.Solar Agricultural Water Pumping System
Fig.Solar Agricultural Water Pumping System

The power developed by these cells are collected and stored in a battery.  The power from the battery is sent to the DC motor.  It runs the pump coupled to it.  The suction head is connected to the well and discharge head is directed towards the field.  The water from the well is pumped out and it is used for the domestic or agricultural purpose.


  • Economical aspect:
  • Least maintenance cost.
  • No transportation from long distance
  • No rent for electricity utilized No fuel required for operation


Technical aspect:

  •  No moving parts, thus long life
  •  Noiseless operation
  •  No person required to operate the system


Manufacturing aspect:

  •  Simple in construction, so easy to fabricate
  •  No heavy materials are used


Safety aspect:

  •  Pollution free
  •  Less chance of accidents



  • High initial installation cost
  • Care should be taken for batteries
  • Power production will be lesser in cloudy days

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