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GrabCAD – 3d model library

GrabCAD is an online community network for mechanical engineers to share talent, expand knowledge and collaborate with others.

GrabCAD, Inc. is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based startup that created a free cloud-based collaboration environment that helps engineering teams manage, view and share CAD files.

GrabCAD helps engineers get products to market faster by enabling truly collaborative product design. GrabCAD’s cloud-based PDM Workbench makes it easy for engineers to manage and share files, work with partners and complete projects on time, while the GrabCAD Community accelerates the design process by tapping into the knowledge and resources of the largest source of CAD content and engineering minds in the world. Founded in 2010, the company is backed by Matrix Partners and Charles River Ventures and is headquartered in Cambridge, MA with a development offices in Estonia and the UK.



GrabCAD began as a Community where engineers could upload and download models from a free CAD library. Today, the Community consists of over 5,220,000 users and is nearing 3,120,000+ open source models. The Community also offers a range of challenges with prizes, from Ultimaker’s “3D Printer Toy Design Challenge” to GE’s “Jet Engine Bracket Challenge”,[6] as well as pro bono challenges like ModVic’s “Steampunk Wheelchair” and the “Eyes to Hear” Challenge.

In April 2013, GrabCAD released Workbench, a free cloud-based collaboration solution that helps engineering teams manage, share, and view CAD files. Workbench is used by companies to support the design of physical products ranging from basic screws to jet engine brackets. The idea behind Workbench is to replace costly and complex solutions that engineering teams often use when versions and revisions become hard to track. Workbench allows multiple engineers to work on the same files at the same time without conflict. Workbench also lets engineers share files externally.

Workbench is hosted on Amazon’s S3 secure server cloud architecture, and has a range of features including viewing of all major CAD file formats, file locking, local folder sync, model comparison, and management of bill of materials and revisions. Workbench users can view 3D models, as well as markup, explode, measure and pin comments, all directly in the browser.

Toolbox was released June 2013, which enables Workbench users to access third-party CAD applications that run on GrabCAD’s platform. Currently there are four apps available from Keyshot, Autodesk, IronCAD and Solid Edge, but GrabCAD is focused on drawing in new CAD application developers to grow Toolbox’s usefulness to engineers.

GrabCAD Print :

GrabCAD Print is the most complete solution on the planet for Stratasys 3D printers. The intuitive, easy-to-use software allows for simplified preparing, scheduling, monitoring, and reporting of print jobs. With its ability to natively read and understand CAD files, GrabCAD Print offers an efficient workflow that streamlines job management in Shared Office and Model Shop environments that use Stratasys FDM and PolyJet printers.

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