Do’s and don’ts during group discussion

Group discussion is one of the interview process to get you into a job. Many companies conduct group discussion to get know mainly about the your skills like confidence, communication skills and your ability to manage with a group. When you are selected for group discussion in a company’s interview process, the first thing is, you should know what to do and what not to do in the group discussion.
As you have to participate in a Group Discussion. several questions spring across your mind. You want to know what actions and gestures can get you positive points and what can cost you the selection. Here’s a list of Dos and Don’ts of participating in the GD.

Do’s in group discussion.

  • Be confident. Introduce yourself with warm smile and make your introduction short. Get into topic soon.
  • Have eye contact with all group members when you start conversing about the topic.
  • Learn to listen. You must listen what your group members state about the topic given. You may get some important points from them.
  • Be polite. When you are asked question by your fellow group person, be polite and answer him.
  • Be a good team player. Move with all group members and help them when needed.
  • When a group member speaks against you with the intention of harming you, be cool. Understand there is no reason for you to get into temper when you are in a group discussion.
  • When you are frequently interrupted by a person, then you can ask the person not to disturb you when you speak.
  • Try to take initiation in a group discussion. Prepare yourself to take initiative.
  • Concise your discussed points during the discussion and by expressing them shortly you can end the group discussion
  • At the end of session thank you fellow group members.

Don’ts in group discussion

  • Don’t use strong perfumes. The strong perfume may irritate for any of the person which may turn against you.
  • Don’t lean over the chair and it looks you are lethargic.
  • Don’t use heavy make-ups and attractive jewelery in a group discussion.
  • Don’t make gestures while other person is speaking his ideas.
  • Don’t argue. Remember group discussion is a place of expressing ideas. Everyone are free to express.
  • Don’t be harsh when you are interrupted. Tell the person politely that he can speak after you have finished.
  • Don’t interrupt other person while he is addressing his ideas.
  • Don’t try to push your ideas to others.

Remember in a group discussion you will watched by interviewer. He remains silent and takes note of you and each member in a group discussion. So compose yourself and before entering in a group discussion hall, know about what you need to do and what not to do.

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