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Actually there are two Major types of windmills — the horizontal axis windmills and the vertical axis windmills. The horizontal axis windmills have a horizontal rotor much like the classic Dutch four-arm windmill. Other types of windmills, such as: the tower mill, sock mill, sail windmill, water pump, spring mill, multi-blade, Darrieus, savonis, cyclo-turbine, and the classic four-arm windmill. All of the above windmills have their advantages. Some windmills, like the sail windmill, are relatively slow moving, have a low tip speed ratio and are not very energy efficient compared to the cyclo-turbine, but are much cheaper and money is the great equalizer.

mechancial project vertical axis windmill simple low cost mechanical project
mechancial project vertical axis windmill simple low cost mechanical project

Construction and Working Of Vertical Axis Wind mill

Blades which are made of thin sheet – thickness 0.8 -0.5 mm ,MS Or Allu. ( light weight and easy to manual bend ) are fixed in two plates. both plates must have slot to bend plates accordingly that slots. Slots will guide the sheet to form the shape of blades. On that Plate bearing is mounted . Due to air Blades get rotate with bevel gear, so that bevel pinion causes to rotate generator and electricity get produced.

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