Design and Analysis of Truck Chassis – Mechanical Project


The task point is to plan and investigation of a pioneer sort truck (TATA ACE model) frame. The Automotive frame is considered as the foundation of the vehicle. On suspension distinctive individuals are given to reinforce it and a vital thought in skeleton outline is additionally to have satisfactory twisting solidness for supporting the body and diverse parts of the vehicle. Likewise, it ought to be sufficiently unbending to withstand the stun, turn, vibration and different hassles. Quality and the solidness are the two critical criteria for the configuration of the skeleton. The cross part is additionally dissected for the redirection because of bowing.The chassis frame consists of side members attached
with a series of cross members. And the design of the chassis would be taken in the CATIA V5 software, the design calculations are carried out with the IS standards. FEA is done on the modelled chassis using the NASTRAN PATRAN Workbench; the FEA is carryout for linear static analysis of the chassis. Also Stress analysis using Finite Element Method can be used to locate the critical point which has the highest stress. This critical point is one of the factors that may cause the failure.The outcomes demonstrated that the basic part was at the mounting section of the tire furthermore at the front part of the skeleton. Result acquired after the scientific methodology for the suspension shaft as far as it anxiety advancement is roughly nearer to the FEA values.

The body shapes the foundation of the landfill truck and its central capacity is to securely convey the most extreme burden, whether the vehicle is in static or element condition. There are a few favorable circumstances of rough terrain vehicles undercarriage over different case. It experiences some real detriments like overwhelming weight, weakness disappointment and welding splits. With the assistance of recreation devices like limited component technique, the degree of the impacts of undercarriage info conditions can undoubtedly be assessed with least test cost. As a test study, a 3-D limited component model was produced to anticipate the complete static hassles and weakness life of the high quality basic suspension, decide the weights on the case. Principle goal is to decide the static burdens characterized in pay burden and vehicle weight acting as response strengths was embraced for static burden condition. Another primary burden case is intended to check the nonappearance of any danger of exhaustion splits happening under the consolidated impact of the principle powers experienced amid running condition. These heap cases comprise of various burden situations subjecting skeleton including running of uneven track with 12%
inclination, bend arrangement, rolling and ricocheting impact and track turn. The heap mixes are chiefly three cases like bowing, torsion and joined bowing and torsion.

The chassis is the structure to which is everything in a vehicle is connected. In a cutting edge vehicle, it is required to satisfy the accompanying capacities give mounting focuses to the suspensions, the controlling component, the motor and gearbox, the last drive, the fuel tank and the seating for the tenants, give unbending nature to precise taking care of, secure the inhabitants against outer effect. For a frame to satisfy these capacities, it ought to be sufficiently light to decrease inactivity and offer palatable execution. It additionally ought to likewise be sufficiently extreme to oppose exhaustion loads delivered because of connection between the driver, motor, control transmission
and street conditions.

design and analysis of automobile truck chassis
design and analysis of automobile truck chassis

The body of the most vehicles ought to satisfy the accompanying prerequisites:
1) The body ought to be light.
2) It ought to have least number of segments.
3) It ought to give adequate space to travelers and baggage.
4) It ought to withstand vibrations while in movement.
5) It ought to offer least imperviousness to air.
6) It ought to be shoddy and simple in assembling.
7) It ought to be appealing fit as a fiddle and shading.
8) It ought to have consistently conveyed stack.
9) It ought to have long weariness life
10) It ought to give great vision and ventilation.

Model: Tata ace

  • Length of vehicle = 3800 mm
  • Width of vehicle = 1500 mm
  • Height of vehicle = 1845 mm
  • Wheelbase = 2100 mm
  • Track width-Front = 1300 mm
  • Track width-Front = 1320 mm
  • Material of chassis = structural steel
  • Young’s modulus = 2 e+5
  • Poisson’s ratio = 0.3
  • Length of chassis = 4201 mm
  • Width of chassis = 808 mm

Based on the analysis results of the present work, the following conclusions can be drawn.

1)Part is safe under the given loading condition.

2)To improve performance, geometry has been modified which enables to reduce stress levels marginally well below yield limit.

3)The generated Von Misses Stress & Maximum Shear Stress is less than the permissible value so the design is safe for all three materials.

4)The Rectangular Box Cross-section Type of Ladder Chassis is having least deflection, Von Misses stress and Maximum Shear stress for Steel in all the of three different cross section type of Ladder Chassis.

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Design and Analysis of Truck Chassis – Mechanical Project

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