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The term “shortcut keys” doesn’t reflect exactly what they do just because the commands assigned to them don’t take place just by pressing them. You first press the appropriate key and then ENTER.

The usage of these “Aliases” helps a professional or intermediate user of AutoCAD to design 2D or 3D much faster than by using the mouse cursor to “click” on a command. Of course this is not applicable to all commands but just for the most common ones. Although that AutoCAD incorporates hundreds of commands and functions, an experienced designer knows that during productive designing the 70% are less than 10 which are repeatedly used all the time. These commands and the relevant “shortcut keys” are:

Line: “l” and ENTER
Copy: “co” and ENTER
Circle: “c” and ENTER
Offset: “o” and ENTER
Move: “m” and ENTER
Rotate: : “ro” and ENTER
Redraw: “r” and ENTER
Regenerate: “re” and ENTER
Fillet: “f” and ENTER
Ortho: “F8” (on-off)

autocad shortcut keys pdf
autocad shortcut keys pdf

Free Download AUTOCAD Shortcut Keys Book Pdf 

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