A pneumatic machine can be thought of as a large flexible
mechanical structure that is moved by some sort of control system.
The control system takes its input from a human operator and
translates this command into the motion of actuators, which move
the mechanical structure. The high performance and highly
Pneumatic operated shaping machine is efficient machine
which works by pneumatic power, instered of crank and shaping
link mechanism here pneumatic power is employed with quick
return mechanism, this system consist of ram, pneumatic cylinder,
solenoid valve, timer circuit, when air from compressor is send to
double acting cylinder via solenoid valve, this valve will make the
cylinder to move too and fro as per the signal from the timer.
Timer will be programmed with delay
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Introduction To Shaping /Principle Of Shaping Machine:
Shaper is machine tools which produce a flat surface. It is capable of machining a horizontal, vertical or inclined flat surface. Shaper and planer employ single-point cutting tools which are essentially similar to single-point cutting tools used on lathe. In both these machine tools, the cutting tool is subjected to interrupted cuts, the tools cuts in forward direction and is idle in the return direction.
Shaper consists of a hollow machine bed made of cast iron which rests on the ground. Inside the hollow portion the machine drive mechanism is housed. This mechanism is called slotted lever quick return mechanism and it drives a horizontal ram which reciprocates in the guide ways provided on the top surface of the machine frame. In the front face of the ram, a tool post is fitted. This is a very special kind of tool post. It carries a slide which can be operated by a hand wheel and the entire tool post can be lowered or raised. Besides, the tool slide can be swivelled in a vertical plane and its inclination to the vertical (amount of swivelling) can be read off on a scale marked in degrees. The tool is inclined, when an inclined surface has to be machined.
Pneumatic Shaping Machine Mechanical Project
Pneumatic Shaping Machine Mechanical Project
1) Low cost machine 
2) Maintenance free
1) Stability is low compare to hydraulic 
2) Constant pressure is needed for operated the machine

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