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A gearbox, also known as a gear case or gear head, is a gear or a hydraulic system responsible for transmitting mechanical power from a prime mover (an engine or electric motor) into some form of useful output.

A gearbox is a set of gears for transmitting power from one rotating shaft to another. They are used in a wide range of industrial, automotive and home machinery application.

Gear heads are available in different sizes, capacities and speed ratios. Their main function is to convert the input provided by an electric motor into an output of lower RPM and higher torque.

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Functions of a Gearbox
• A gearbox is precisely bored to control gear and shaft alignment.
• It is used as a housing/container for gear oil.
• It is a metal casing for protecting gears and lubricant from water, dust and other contaminants.

Gearbox Specifications
There are a number of performance specifications which must be considered while choosing a gearbox for different industrial applications. Some of the important specifications are :
• Gear ratio : The ratio may be specified as x : 1, where x is an integer.
• Output torque
• Maximum input power
• Maximum input speed
• Gearing arrangement
• Reducer output
• Shaft Alignment

Types of Drives and gearboxes
 There are many types of the car drives, usually classified accordance with number of driving axles (4×2, 4×4, 4WD, AWD) and each type has a different gearing arrangement. Also, gearbox (transmission) has different types (sliding-mesh, constant-mesh, synchro-mesh) some of them are old-fashion and had been replaced, and some are in use in modern cars.
example Of GEAR BOX
Sliding Gear Box Used In automobiles
1. Milling process
  • Disc type cutter
  • End mill cutter
2.  Gear shapers
  • Rack – type cutter generating process
  • Pinion type cutter generating process
4. Gear hobbing
  • Axial hobbing
  • Radial hobbing
  • Tangential hobbing
5.  Bevel gear generating
  • Straight Bevel – gear generator
  • Spiral bevel –gear Generator

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