To fabricate automatic gear changing system in two and four wheeler vehicle.


The main objective of this concept is used to apply the gear by using automation system in automobile vehicles. This is the new innovative model mainly used for the vehicles to control the vehicle. Here we are concentrating to design the automatic gear changing mechanism in two wheeler vehicles by using the electronic devices. This is very useful for the gear changing mechanism in automobile vehicles. By using this we can easily control the vehicle and improve the performance of the vehicle also we can avoid the wear and tear of the gear.
Here we have two dc gun arrangements which are arranged on either side of the vehicle pedal rest for applying the gear. The dc gun is fixed at the end of the flat pedal rest. The plate rest has pivot at the center. The guns are operated through the help of electric power supply and it’s controlled by the control unit. The control unit is nothing but the microcontroller is a small chip, its already programmed and feed in the chip for working of our project. One of the gun is used to apply the gear and another one for reducing the gears. The gears are applied on the vehicle depending up on the speed of the vehicle. The speed sensors are placed near the wheel the sensor sense the signal and give the output signal to the control unit. Depending up on the signal the clutch and gears will automatically changed with the help of the control unit. When the vehicle speed increasing automatically the clutch and the gear will change in the vehicles. The arrangement is clearly shown in the below diagram.
Working of Automatic Gear changer In two wheeler
Working of Automatic Gear changer In two wheeler

• Automatic method
• System is helpful for the drivers
• Avoids fear while driving the vehicle
• Quick response is achieved
• Simple in construction
• Easy to maintain and repair
• Cost of the unit is less
• Continuous operation is possible without stopping

• It is applicable in all types of two wheeler vehicles

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Mechanical Project On Automatic Gear changer.
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